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  1. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help I want to switch to Airtel dth.

    Guys I am switching to another dth. What should I do with my old videocon stb and antenna? Can I get some value out of it?
  2. harsh_hk

    Breaking "NaMo TV" Added on Videocon d2h in 3 Slots 102, 202 & 302

    D2h took the Ghar Ghar Modi chant to heart
  3. harsh_hk

    Breaking D2h launch LTR offers

    Nothing great. The you do the 11 month recharge upfront you lose interest on that amount. More or less becomes the same.
  4. harsh_hk

    Breaking D2h launch LTR offers

    So what is the offer exactly?
  5. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help Can somebody help me

    Sorry I don't understand. Do you mean that if I go ahead with this selection I will be charged correctly?
  6. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help Can somebody help me

    So I've selected the following channels for which the price is coming to ₹378, according to map view. Colors HD ₹19 Star plus HD ₹19 Zee tv HD ₹19 Sony HD ₹19 Star sports 1 Hindi HD ₹19 Zee business ₹0.1 Cnbc Awaaz ₹1 BST pack ₹130 Total ₹226.1 plus 18% GST i.e, ₹267. I don't understand...
  7. harsh_hk

    DTH Updates Call CC after you created New Pack via website

    I can't even call CC. And I am unable to watch most of the channels since past one week and my balance is still being deducted
  8. harsh_hk

    D2H disallowing removal of 100 Basic Tier FTA Channels

    We still can't modify the basic 100 fta channels
  9. harsh_hk

    Discussion Can we officially confer D2H with title of "Worst DTH Transitioner"?

    There is a lot of blame to be put on TRAI and big broadcasters too who I believe influenced TRAI to implement new rules because they believe it will increase there revenues. Dth players had a big task of getting channel preferences from millions of there customers in a very short time. In...
  10. harsh_hk

    Good News TRAI wins the tariff order case against Star in Supreme Court

    Star and Sony are worst. There packs bouquets and channels are priced very highly. I think these rules will bring an end to small channels with low TRP. Earlier small channels were only watched since they came bundled with packs. Now most users will not pick them even if they are free because...
  11. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help D2H activated incorrect Channels & charged more. What should I do?

    Same situation with me. Incorrect channels have been activated for me too and many of the channels I had selected are missing. Just note that even if you select less than 100 channels, there are 100 basic fta chennels which are pre-selected for us and can't be modified. They are free to air but...
  12. harsh_hk

    Discussion Anybody migrated to new Plan

    I am not getting the channels which I have selected. Major channels are gone. CC not replying. What to do?
  13. harsh_hk

    Seeking Help 100 basic FTA channels

    Why can't we change the 100 basic channels which are pre-selected for us in the map view of d2h website? The TRAI channel selector says there are only some 25 approx mandatory DD channels but d2h has 100 useless channels. My NCF has gone through the roof because of these channels. Screenshot...
  14. harsh_hk

    Breaking Tata Sky will provide new Tariff Plans - Discussions (TRAI Tariff Order w.e.f 1st Feb 2019)

    I am paying ₹670 for 2 connections now. After TRAI rules they are gonna get a lot less from me. :biggrin: Btw can anyone tell me whether TRAI has made any rule for multi tv connection also?
  15. harsh_hk

    D2H introduced 'Create your own pack' in their website

    TRAiI rule is good. Implementation by dth companies is very bad. They are showing no interest in calling customers about the changes and their websites also have very limited and confusing info. The recently added map view to d2h website is also very bad. I hope supreme court penalises the dth...
  16. harsh_hk

    D2H introduced 'Create your own pack' in their website

    When I selected my bouquets and channels on the d2h website, the total price at the right side box showed NaN. What is that?
  17. harsh_hk

    Want to sell my HD STB and all dishtv hardware

    I want to sell the Dish Tru HD stb with remote and antenna. Reply if interested.
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