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    Good News Dishtv discuounted Pack for Tamil Audience

    Same pack is also available as Tamizha Combo in D2H
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    Good News Dishtv discuounted Pack for Tamil Audience

    Dishtv introduced Kondattam Pack for Tamil audience. All tamil channels from Sun, Star, Zee, Colors, Jaya, Discovery Mega are available in this pack.
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    Did SunLife rebrand/relaunch fail?

    Sun Life is started telecasting old movies and songs now. This is what they were doing before rebrand.
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    Will DishTV ever introduce curated packs?

    Dishtv offers some dish combos and addons but price of those packs are not giving value to customer, which is very much equivalent to individual channel cost. For instance, if we take Sundirect, they offer all SUN channels for free in their DPO. Similarly, I heard Airtel is offering...
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    Sad News Lotus news removed from Sun Direct

    One of the waste channels..
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    Good News BARC Ratings are now available for Public

    No, SUN - 19 Zee Tamil - 10
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    Seeking Help NSS6 vs ST2

    Regional channel addition will be faster in ST2. You will get more Regional HD channels in ST2. However, you may miss some Hindi HD channels on migration.
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    Good News Jaya TV is FTA in DishTV

    Looks like, it's FREE for those who activated till today morning. Now they have changed the pricing to Rs 19. For me, there's no change in Switch OFF date, I confirmed with CC, but then if I remove and add the channel again, it will cost me Rs. 19
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    Good News Jaya TV is FTA in DishTV

    JayaTV is FTA in DishTV. First, I thought that as an issue but now I activated that at no extra cost.:ok2:
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    World Tamil TV Premiere

    23rd mattuma, they will play it on 23, 24, and 25 also 🤣🤣
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    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    Guys, anybody activated Raj Tamil bouquet?
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    Raj Bouquets in DishTV

    Did anyone activated RAJ Bouquets in DISHTV ? They haven't listed on their website.
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    What is the Lock-in Period for Pay channels?

    For old addons it would be 30 days in DishTV. What for new rules?
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    Discussion DishTv Removed NCF for its combo's or is it a bug?

    Guys please beware, Amount they displayed before and after submitting request is different. Before submitting the request, NCF is zero After submitting the request they added NCF - Rs 156 Did anyone check after submitting the Best fit plan?
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