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    Seeking Help Xstream box is not getting power on.

    Hello friends i upgraded to Xstream box last month. My tv had fault from last 15 days so i didn't switch on my tv and box. Today when i switch on the box it was just dead. When i give the power supply to box it gives just on red blink on wifi indicater and then box is not responding. Also not...
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    Discussion Airtel Xstream Box availability at various cities

    CC told me its not available in your area so you can't get. What rubbish😠
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    Seeking Help About HD stb on normal tv

    Friends I have 2 tv one is 40" led and second one is 21" normal crt tv. I was using my airtel hd box on my led tv but now i want to use it on my old tv. But on crt tv ui and font of airtel comes very small even not readable. I have tried some settings but nothing. Is there any solution of this...
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    Seeking Help What is dishtv amazon alexa ?

    On dishtv website there is new thing which I found that is dishtv amazon alexa. With it u can give voice command to it. Have anybody more knowledge on it please?
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    Need help regarding box

    Hello friends I have used dishtv for many years but now using tatasky. my question is about dishtv' stb upgrade policy and cost.please answer I shall be very thankful. 1. I have already Arion HD box but also have Zenega silver color box. I want to upgrade my Zenega mpeg2 box with new dish nxt...
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    My short review after using my new TATA sky for 5 days.

    Here I m going to give my review about tatasky as I have completed 5 days with my new TATASKY. I moved from Airtel so my requirements were just that tatasky has more HD channels which is true. I m happy with new channels. Another reason was that ui of airtel was same like tatasky but red and...
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    Good News SAB HD telecasting Republic day prade live

    Sab HD is giving dd hd feed. so enjoy Republic day celebrations in HD on sab hd.
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    Want some information and finally brought TATASKY

    Hello friends I m using DTH services from 2004. I have used dd dish then dishtv, bigtv, videocon and now airtel. but as now I read regularly in this forum that TATA (Sky is now leading dth with maximum number of HD channels and also have good services so I m going to buy TATASKY box this weekend...
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