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  1. Ramit Panangat

    Why Cartoon Network HD+ is not available on Airtel DTH?

    Cartoon Network SD version is so bad. They just keep airing Oggy and Roll no 21 all day. But I have heard that HD version airs more programs like Steve Universe, Craig, etc. I badly want Cartoon Network HD on Airtel. I'm really fed-up pf these Indian and Japanese cartoons.
  2. Ramit Panangat

    Discussion Share the channels which you want Airtel Digital TV to add next

    I badly want Cartoon Network HD+ on Airtel. SD version is so bad. They are just keep airing Oggy all day on SD channel.
  3. Ramit Panangat

    Why does Disney International HD is not a part of any bouquet?

    Disney International HD was a part of 'Disney HD bouquet', along with UTV HD. Many other disney channels like Bindaas, UTV Movies, UTV HD & UTV Action are available in available in some bouquet. Disney Kids Pack are also still available. But Disney International HD is nowhere to find in any bouquet.
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