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  1. gowrishankar

    Breaking Xstreme Box Price Increased

    Airtel Xstreme box price Increased for new customers Rs 5999 (with Disney Hotstar VIP,Zee5 and Xstreme app)
  2. gowrishankar

    Good News Atlast Moved to Binge +

    After lot of frustration with xstreme stb with HDR issue,dolby audio issue ,I am done and now thrown it into trash and ordered Tatasky binge stb today.
  3. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Queries Regarding HDR and Dolby Audio

    Guys,I was having Xstreme STB ,since it got lot of bugs i am planning to go for binge + ,i nust need clarification on below things 1.Will Netflix Update be pushed Soon?? 2.Does it provides proper 4K HDR output? 3. Does it hold any dolby audio issues on HD channels and apps similar to Xstreme...
  4. gowrishankar

    Discussion DRM Issues in Xstreme Box

    I am getting DRM Error Issue in Disney Hotstar 4 K videos. Except Togo other 4K HDR videos are showing the below error.
  5. gowrishankar

    DDF Exclusive Recording Enabled on Xstreme STB

    Hi ,Guys Recording facility is now enabled in Xstreme STB. I here by attached the screenshot for the same. You need to enable recording Top-up from airtel side .
  6. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Airtel Xstreme HDR

    I have VU Tv,which supports HDR . I have enabled HDR on Tv and the info details shows the reception from xstreme STB is 4K HDR . Tv channel playing fine with superb clarity. When i switch to Netflix Ultra HD 4K content plays well but when i play content which shows HDR ,screen strucks . What may...
  7. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Multi Tv connection Disconnection

    I have airtel multi tv connection ,where as i want to disconnect one stb since we will not be using it. I tried to reach them via twitter and via customer call centre but no response. can some one guide how to disconnect one connection?
  8. gowrishankar

    DDF Exclusive Airtel Xstream Dolby Audio Solution

    For who ever want true dolby audio from Xstreme STB,follow the below steps you will get dolby audio in all apps including amazon prime and HD Dolby channels. Step 1 : Switch off your HT Step 2 : Go to Airtel Home-> Settings-> Android Settings Step 3 : Go to Device Preferences-> Sound -> Choose...
  9. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Tatasky Binge + Prime Video Audio

    Guys,I already have airtel Xstreme box. I do have home theater,since xstreme box doesn't provide proper dolby audio on amazon prime and some times even on Dolby hd channels,i am planning to upgrade my old tatasky hd to tatasky binge +, My question is 1) does Tatasky binge supports 4k 60hz HDR 2)...
  10. gowrishankar

    DTH Updates KTV HD Dolby Issue

    KTV HD is now coming with Dolby digital audio in Sun Direct and Tatasky but not in Airtel Digital TV. Why is that delay from Airtel,they haven't adding channels in Good Phase,now they can't even add dolby audio to the channel.
  11. gowrishankar

    Amazon Prime UHD Issue

    Guys ,i have both internet Tv stb and xstreme box . In Xstreme Box,Prime Video plays ultra HD content in UHD but in internet tv stb no content gets played in UHD.Kindly suggest what to do
  12. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Vijay HD Dolby Issue

    Hi,I have airtel Internet STB connection and an xstreme box connection.In both ,i am not getting true dolby sound on Star Vijay HD,Just all speakers are working,no surround effect at all,does any one is experiencing the same?
  13. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Update Mobile Number Issue

    Hi,I am having issue accessing movies section in my Airtel xstreme box,when ever i access that section its showing "update mobile number to watch...". Can someone help regarding this issue
  14. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help App Update Failed

    Hi,I have Internet TV STB with me ,since it hanged a lot ,i factory resetted the STB .To my surprise it went back to old app version 2185 ,when i tried to manually update via system diagnostic section it shows no new update Available. please some one guide me in getting the update done
  15. gowrishankar

    Seeking Help Upgrade To Xstream Box from Internet TV

    Guys,today local Airtel service people called and Xstream box had been made available in my erode location. I wanna help whether it will be a good decision to upgrade to Xstream box from internet TV box for rs 2250.Kindly suggest
  16. gowrishankar

    Tatasky VOD Service Discontinuation W.E.F Oct 14

    Tatasky VOD services will be permanently discontinued and WIFI settings options had been removed from STB. With Effect from Oct 14 ,VOD Services will only be available on Tatasky app and on Binge+ .
  17. gowrishankar

    Dolby ATMOS Not Working

    Hi Guys, Recently I bought Sony HTX8500 Soundbar which has Dolby Atmos Capable.I connected Soundbar from HDMI Output from Airtel Internet TV STB . I know that there is no TV content with Dolby Atmos but I opened Netflix Dolby Atmos content but in that too it's not producing Atmos Sound . Is that...
  18. gowrishankar

    Tata sky HD PVR Software Update

    Guys ,all other boxes got update y still transfer and HD PVR boxes not updated!
  19. gowrishankar

    Bought Tatasky HD Transfer

    Guys,moved from airtel and bought TS HD DVR box .Airtel guys are really pathetic and looting money .I was holding multi connection one box is hd dvr and another is hd plus .HD DVR started showing unable to read Hard disk error and airtel people told tat there is no hd dvr available for swap and...
  20. gowrishankar

    Airtel Internet TV Buying just-Amazon

    Guys my HD DVR stopped working and cc says that hd dvr s not available for swap . I asked dor internet tv upgrade but they told its not available in your region. In amazon there is delivery available to my location,shall i go a head and buyat 2.7 k with amazon.
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