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    Sony LIV streaming India Australia series..poor quality pictures

    Sony Six channel feed on the app is much better than SonyLiv feed. Looks 1080p
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    Why did Comedy Central took a step back?

    Comedy Central is still more appealing than other channels when it comes to reruns. Shows like Friends, Big bang and 2 broke girls are doing wonders for them. But yes, fresh premieres have taken a hit since pandemic Its not only here but the new episodes are delayed in US as well due to...
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    Sony Sports To telecast India Tour of Australia in Tamil and Telugu feed also.

    Cant wait to get ad free experience on Sony LIV. I hope the apps becomes stable. Fed up with ads on hotstar even after paying premium
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    Disney to cut back on TV, sports biz in India

    I wouldnt be surprised if all niche sports are pushed to premium with only cricket at VIP
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    Sad News HBO and WB to exit Indian market from 15th December

    if they are focusing more on kids genre, its high time they introduce boomerang brand in India
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    Radhe | Salman Khan, Disha Patani

    I was being sarcastic :)
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    Radhe | Salman Khan, Disha Patani

    News channels should run a big debate on this, accusing Salman of spreading Corona Virus. No mask. Highly irresponsible
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    Good News "DD India HD" added on DD Free Dish

    HD feed is still there 24x7 on local cable networks. In case of old shows, black bars are coming
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    Breaking Zee Zest new logo revealed

    Logo has color theme of zindagi channel
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    DDF Exclusive Registered Trademarks For Indian TV Channels

    Republic Tv and Times Now had a baby
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    IPL 2020 | Star Sports | September 19th

    Maxed out at 3.2mbps on hotstar Android tv app. Stability of the stream is way better than last year.
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    IPL 2020 | Star Sports | September 19th

    Unofficial sources - Max bitrate of live telecast is 2mbps. For me its not showing any bitrate at all. Lets see how the quality is when the match starts
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    IPL 2020 | Star Sports | September 19th

    What does it say when you try to play?
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    IPL 2020 | Star Sports | September 19th

    The way hotstar is pushing for VIP subscription, it is highly unlikely. Lets see
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    IPL 2020 | Star Sports | September 19th

    All feeds including different languages
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    IPL 2020 | Star Sports | September 19th

    No Idea. I don't think it will happen unless star sports is sharing 4K feed with them
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    Republic Media Network alleges Sena wing of threatening cable operators to drop their channels

    Black out will only do more harm than good. Dont watch it, its as simple as that. Btw, Republic seems to be starting 3-4 petitions every week.
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    Foreign TV Channel Logos

    AXN Portuguese channels
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