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    Frequent black screen

    Since yesterday night I am facing one issue wherein while watching channel screen is going black for few seconds and then showing home screen.. This happened almost few times... After this I have to press the back button to dismiss the homepage... Anyone faced this issue? Or solution pls
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    new device assistance

    Finally tatasky binge+ is installed, however the technician didn't do anything as he was not aware of the product.. Can someone help with the initial setup, best settings etc... Maybe some video links... With regards to picture quality I feel it is slight dull than hd box... Do i need to use...
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    new streaming device

    Currently I have tatasky HD connection. The monthly charge getting really high. So i am thinking to buy binge+ as my mom won't be able to navigate different app to watch channels in firestick or MI box or any other box... So the hybrid box seems the most feasible one with low monthly minimum...
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    Seeking Help SD picture quality

    What I have noticed is that the some of the sd channels like b4u music, zee classic, zing etc have bad picture quality however when changing the resolution of stb to 576p 60hz.. All channels shines like 720p... Very much acceptable but practically it is not possible to switch resolution...
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    firestick vs binge+

    With firestick one Can convert a non smart TV to smart TV. We can also cast videos to the TV from mobile. Can we do the same thing with binge+?is it possible to cast videos?
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    Discussion Choose optimised bouquet packs

    Can someone assist to choose bouquets effectively to get maximum channels at minimum possible price? For example Disney universal pack has 7 channels priced @ ₹10 whereas Disney kids bouquet has 4 channels priced @₹12.. so why should someone choose kids packs when universal has all channels and...
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    English movies HD pack

    Is there any English movies HD pack in dishtv? If yes what's the price? Also after I subscribe will the charge be on daily basis(like tatasky) or I have to pay full month price?
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    Dolby digital output

    Guys which DTH other than Tatasky give Dolby digital surround sound output.few months ago I switched to dishtv,the sound quality is normal.No theatre experience. Tatasky was costly but it had theatre type sound feel. Please suggest.
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    Seeking Help Dth yearly pack

    Hi all, My tatasky yearly dth pack is expiring tomorrow... I mostly watch hindi channels and its corresponding hd channels... If I renew monthly charge will be almost 400(DMP+DMP addon) which is too costly. Can you please suggest other dth to get same channels with effective monthly price...
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    Dth to choose

    Hi all, My tata sky annual pack is expiring January first week. Current package are dhamaal mix and dhamaal mix HD add on. So if I renew it will cost me 3290+1045=4335 I was browsing other dth packs and found airtel digital tv offers similar packs at low price (My plan 199+ magic hd add on 93)...
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    Tatasky HD Add-on new DMP

    Guys I recharged my account with annual DMP(Rs.3135) and annual HD add-on DMP pack (Rs. 1045) by calling customer care. Which HD channels are included in HD add-on pack?Is it same as HD access fee? Suppose i add English movies pack at Rs.90, will i get the correponsing HD channels? Please...
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    which one to buy?

    Guys my 1 yr Tatasky package is going to over within a month. I called tatasky and they said it would cost 5200 to renew for 1 year. Strangely new box is available at 5100. So why should i renew existing one? Dishtv is offering 1yr package at 5000. This contains 45+ HD channels(almost all HD...
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