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  1. kumarvishwas

    Republic TV, Fakt Marathi and Box Cinema paid households to manipulate TRPs: Mumbai Police

    This is complete vendata politics going on....it started from day Arnab called Sonia Gandhi as Antonio Mino, after that Mumbai Police filled FIR against Arnab and grilled him for a complete day, after that Arnab went against Mumbai police for neglecting Sushant and Disha Salian's death case...
  2. kumarvishwas

    Sad News Actor Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide.

    Well it was a terrible day for all Bollywood Fans, he was one my favorites from the new generation alongwith Ranbir Kapoor People like us are always running behind academics and don't realise our talents, but this guy was a topper in academics, topper in acting, topper in dance and what else...
  3. kumarvishwas

    Jurassic Park : Dominion | Chris Pratt | 2021

    The above is a fan made trailer, official trailer would be coming by end of the year if the shooting remains on schedule
  4. kumarvishwas

    Sad News Actor Irrfan Khan Passed Away at the age of 53

    We cry for small things but need to look at a large perspective in life. Irrfan was sick from last 2 years still kept fighting, shooted a movie after recovering and finally his movie released and next day complete country lockdown got announced, 3 days back his mother passed away and he wasn't...
  5. kumarvishwas

    Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula | August 2020

    Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula Teaser Trailer Although a Korean movie, but didn't know where to post the trailer so did in Hollywood Section
  6. kumarvishwas

    Discussion Satellite rights of Hindi movies

    Sooryavanshi digital rights are with Netflix, Checkout the posters for the movie
  7. kumarvishwas

    The Oscars 2020

    Parasite wins the Oscar for the Best Picture
  8. kumarvishwas

    The Oscars 2020

    Renee Zellweger wins the Oscar for the Lead Actress(Judy)
  9. kumarvishwas

    The Oscars 2020

    Joaquin Phoenix wins the Oscar for the Lead Actor(Joker)
  10. kumarvishwas

    Discussion Satellite rights of Hindi movies

    Netflix India doesn't have any quality checks or what in India, it has started to become a trash can for Bollywood producers, they are putting any movie that they consider would be a flop on theaters, Drive was so bad that Netflix should have rejected it in the first place looking at the VFX :D
  11. kumarvishwas

    Breaking 'Gully Boy' Is India's Official Entry To The Oscars

    I root for Tumbbad, we already have tons of movies like Gully Boy in Oscars every year, Tumbbad would have been a very different kind of cinema for Oscars.
  12. kumarvishwas

    Mission Mangal

  13. kumarvishwas

    DDF Exclusive ADTV launched 6 month and 12 month ARP pack

    I am willing to go with Pb Value Sports HD pack for 12 months, but I am not sure about few things : 1) This pack has 120 channels, I contacted nodal team and they told me that on adding even a single channel extra Rs.23/m would be charged for next 5 channels, and If I add more than 125 channels...
  14. kumarvishwas

    Kabir Singh | Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani

    I haven't seen Arjun Reddy till now but boom I watched #KabirSingh last night, not sure about the movie, somewhere feels really good somewhere felt a bit loose on other side, but man Shahid Kapoor is just just super amazing. The songs,trailers, negative verdicts by feminists all has worked in...
  15. kumarvishwas

    Happy Birthday Bapun Raz Bro

    Happppiiiiiieeeeeeyy Birthday @Bapun bro, May God Bless You for the next complete year...and Enjoy..:kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::kiss2::drink::drink::gift2::gift2::cheers::cheers::cheers:
  16. kumarvishwas

    Avengers Endgame | 26th April, 2019

    Multiplex chains are taking undue advantage of this scenario, here in Pune there is only single IMAX screen from Cinepolis and they are doing monopoly and charging Rs.950 per seat, I was waiting to see End Game in IMAX itself, while PVR is charging Rs.850 for 4DX, didn't had any other option so...
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