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  1. M.J.Sadiq

    TV Channels Old Logos

    I think this is not the logo. The logo had this image but it was within a blue color circle..
  2. M.J.Sadiq

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    Then Kalyaana Veedu continue at 8 or ends?
  3. M.J.Sadiq

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    I think the above said Zee Tamil changes will not happen since again lock down announced in Chennai and surroundings till 30-Jun. Already TV shootings are called off from 19-Jun onward.
  4. M.J.Sadiq

    Good News Welcome Deepu Darling as our new Global Moderator

    Congrates @Deepu Darling bro...
  5. M.J.Sadiq

    Why I'm Still Getting Eurosport HD, 1Sports and CBeebies Free?

    Same for Zee Thirai which got added in Feb and still coming as free.
  6. M.J.Sadiq

    DDF Exclusive Sun Life logo changed to it's old logo

    Seriously? Check your post in revamp thread.. you said it was perfect.. 😀
  7. M.J.Sadiq

    DDF Exclusive DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!

    Nice work bro. But I like the current ones particularly Sun TV. May be other channels logo can be updated..
  8. M.J.Sadiq

    World Tamil TV Premiere

    Guys, don't miss Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadiththal.. good movie..
  9. M.J.Sadiq

    Breaking Classic shows re-telecasting on DD National and DD Bharti to entertain lockdown people during COVID-19 outbreak in India

    I read all pages today only.. Good to see all old serials back on TV. But sad that they are not available in regional languages as it was available in 80's and 90's... I like to watch Sakthikman, Alif Laila in Tamil. I am not sure if any other shows telecasted in Tamil those days since we had TV...
  10. M.J.Sadiq

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    It is good news..
  11. M.J.Sadiq

    Breaking Zee Thirai to launch in January 2020

    Guys, this is not the thread to discuss if VK is best or not..
  12. M.J.Sadiq

    World Tamil TV Premiere

    Okay.. then the adv of movie I saw in Sun Tv must be for SunNxt..
  13. M.J.Sadiq

    World Tamil TV Premiere

    Isn't this movie already telecasted?
  14. M.J.Sadiq

    Breaking New Alif Laila | Dangal | Starts 24 February At 10:00 PM

    If the old one is telecasted that too in regional languages (it was aired by dubbing in Tamil) I will watch again and enjoy..
  15. M.J.Sadiq

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    Just watched the full episode.. Good but the suspense is still there.. I thought the climax of marriage will be shown today..
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