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  1. Gurmeet singh

    which sony pack starting in rs300

    which sony pack starting in rs300
  2. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking ptc music hd added by fastway

    ptc music hd added by fastway channel no:802 note-channel black screen.when working fine i will upload pics.
  3. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking bbc cbeebies added by fastway

    bbc cbeebies added by fastway ch no:1000
  4. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking All channels running fta mode on fastway cable

    All channels running free mode on fastway cable.
  5. Gurmeet singh

    Zee Punjabi launched on 13 Jan 2020

    channel launched.
  6. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking 4 channels added by fastway Delhi

    delhi aaj tak added by fastway
  7. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking 4 channels added by fastway

    4 channels added by fastway 1)zee bangla cinema other do not know bcoz logo lang can not understand.
  8. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking fastway test 4 hd channels with sony six

    fastway test 4 hd channels with sony six channel no:1001 test 1 1002 test 2 1003 test 3 1004 test 4
  9. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking UTV Action,UTV Movie & Bindass now running rs300 pack(part of star pack)

    utv action,utv movie & bindas now running rs300 pack without extra cost. part of star pack
  10. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking New freq testing by fastway cable

    New freq testing by fastway cable. Now total freq-48 Previous freq-47
  11. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking 5 More Channels Added by Fastway

    France24,ndtv goodtime & gyan d added by fastway France 24 ch no :245 NDTV goodtime :363 Gyan darshan:367 Sadhna plus :209
  12. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking 3 PTC Channels Added By Fastway

    Ptc gold added by fastway 74-ptc gold 75-ptc music 76-ptc simran
  13. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking Euro news added by fastway cable

    Euro news added on lcn:241 Place of ndtv 24*7
  14. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking 3 Sony HD Channels Removed By Fastway.

    3 Sony HD Channels Removed Due To Shutdown By Broadcaster.
  15. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking Aaj Tak HD Added By Fastway

    Fastway cable added ajj tak hd Ch no:720
  16. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking Movie House Added by fastway

    Movie house ch no.1000 Now channel removed...
  17. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking Dsport logo 🌎 inside D

    Dsport logo 🌎 on d
  18. Gurmeet singh

    Breaking UTV HD Added By Fastway

    Utv hd ch no.654
  19. Gurmeet singh

    1 hd channel testing by fastway

    1 hd channel testing by fastway on 1000 no. Showing black colour with no signal. One by one half of hd channels Dolby digital audio added.
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