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  1. gubbimari

    Good News Bought a New Airtel Digital TV HD Connection

    Congrats and welcome to ADTV family.
  2. gubbimari

    General Discussion about Airtel Digital TV- For any HELP & Issues

    Hi guys ,anybody facing low volume on udaya tv when comparing to other channels like colors kannada, zee kannada and other channels???
  3. gubbimari

    Breaking Received New Software Update for Cal Comp HD Set Top Box

    I Tried to update manually but didnt changed to new version still at older version.
  4. gubbimari

    New Adtv HD connection

    Congrats bro , EPG and UI is yellow or red color?
  5. gubbimari

    Satellite Rights of South Indian Television Channels

    Which channel has the rights of Ushakiran movies produced kannada movies? For example :Chitra, ninagagi, Ananda,Cheluve ondu helthini etc... Previously those were with ETV kannada. Now those movies not telecasting in colors kannada .
  6. gubbimari

    BARC TRP Data | Week 12

    Colors kannada slipped to third place and udaya tv at 2nd position.
  7. gubbimari

    Breaking Zee Picchar added by ADTV

    For me Zee pichhar not updated in ala carte section too also in respective packs/broadcaster bouquets.
  8. gubbimari

    Breaking Zee Picchar added by ADTV

    But zee prime Pack hasn't updated yet.
  9. gubbimari

    Breaking Zee Picchar added by ADTV

    Is zee pichar getting in respective packs? or this channel activated as alacarte?For me it's scrambled.
  10. gubbimari

    Breaking Zee Picchar added by ADTV

    They would have added at LCN 974 by moving Star sports kannada to LCN 975,
  11. gubbimari

    Breaking Airtel Curiosity Stream added by ADTV

    Screenshots from me:
  12. gubbimari

    DDF Exclusive Zee Picchar to launch from 1st March

    Might be delay in addition
  13. gubbimari

    DDF Exclusive Zee Picchar to launch from 1st March

    Huchha atellite rights still with udaya tv below is the screenshot but yajamana no idea with whom.
  14. gubbimari

    Good News I bought a new airtel dth sd connection

    congratratulations and welcome to ADTV.
  15. gubbimari

    DDF Exclusive Kannada Movie Premiers

    Is this dubbed version is only for television watching ?
  16. gubbimari

    Welcome our new DreamDTH Forums Administrators

    Congrats both of you @Siva @mmadhankumar bros .....:clap2:
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