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  1. Basil

    d2h stream Android Set Top Box launched at Rs 3999

    d2h Stream is an Android TV based Internet connected Set-Top Box from d2h that gives you access to different Apps and Games in addition to regular TV channels. It comes with Google Assistant, built-in Chromecast, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support and Voice remote. You can now access Apps like Amazon...
  2. IIAwesomeGuyII

    Please help me choose a dth

    Hello, I have been using D2h for last 4+ years, but, there service has really went down. It has been 15 days from the day of my recharge and there service is still not active. I am looking for a new connection, can you help me choose a good dth service provider? I usually watch English and Hindi...
  3. Basil

    d2h revises NCF in compliance with NTO 2.0

    Declaration of Network Capacity Fee Network Capacity Fee on d2h platform is as follows: For Primary Connection Rs.130 + Taxes (Rs.153.40 incl Taxes) per month for the first 200 channels. For every additional 10 channels, following is the slab based NCF table. Sr. No Channel Count NCF...
  4. IamTRoy4

    Discussion Sun DIrect vs D2h | Budget packs under ₹200/month!

    While the battle of BEST DTH of the year b/w Airtel Digital TV & Tata Sky is going on, other 2 DTH brands are trying to give more channels in CHEAP price! here I've made a list of BENGALI Packages available to subscribe under our budget 200 INR―↓ (no extra NCF & GST) In this list we can...
  5. Baba Yaga

    Dolby Sound Issue while passing STB to HT

    STB : Videocon d2h (Only HDMI,RCA Port) Latest Model HT : Sony HT IV-300 (Bought Newly) TV : Panasonic (1*Optical, 2 * HDMI both HDMI ports are non ARC ) STB Audio Settings: Dolby Digital ( have Dolby Digital,Stereo PCM ). Scenario 1: Connection Type: STB->HT (HDMI) Then HT->TV (HDMI)...
  6. Deep.S

    DDF Exclusive d2h Channels & Services List (Updated as on 11th May 2020)

    d2h Channels & Service List (Videocon d2h) >Channels List Updated as on 18th May 2020 HOME/PROMO: 8 100.Home Channel 1 115.d2h Positive (Coronavirus Update) 897.d2h HOME HD 898.d2h Connect 899.Home Channel 1 900.Home Channel 2 999.d2h Info 1015.Home Channel 1...
  7. yashwanth05852

    Tv1 (lcn 732) telugu news channel removed

    Tv1 telugu news channel will be removed w.e.f. 27 december 2019 as per request received from the broadcaster
  8. Bapun Raz

    DDF Exclusive d2h launches D2H Magic stick with Alexa voice search built-in for Rs. 1199

    Only after three months of launch of d2h magic stick, d2h launched an improved version of it. Old stick details can be found on: Breaking News - d2h launches 'd2h magic' stick to allow customers to stream digital content About the new d2h Magic stick with Alexa voice search built-in: What is...
  9. V

    When TRAI is going to reduce Ncf fees and channel prices?

    New system is so ridiculous that i have to pay 630 rs per month for channels which i was paying 250 rs for same channels last year.so they gonna reduce ncf and channels price or not any time soon ?
  10. R

    Good News d2h launches Loyalty ki Royalty offer for Active as well as Deactivated Customers

    D2h has started Loyalty ki Royalty scheme for Active as well as deactivated customers, Customers can earn free preview upto 30 days for recharge of 12 months.
  11. yashwanth05852

    DTH Updates 1 telugu channel will be removed w.e.f nov 12th 2019

    The telugu news channel 99tv will be removed w.e.f. 8th November 2019 due to non-execution of inter connection agreement by the broadcaster
  12. B

    General Discussion & Updates about d2h

    Hi, My intention is not to defame d2h. Being a customer i would like to how is other views on d2h. Why d2h is removing channels one by one?? Whether it's running out of money?? Can all the channels be removed finally by saying complimentary and promotional basis?? Are u all happy with videcon...
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