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dish tv

  1. Abhinav842

    Discussion TRAI announced important changes in the Tariff Order

    Following are the changes announced by TRAI: Bouquet Formation: 1. Both the below conditions must be met. These conditions are actually from the old tariff order (Before New Tariff Order) when the dealing was entirely between Broadcaster and DPOs. So, the broadcasters shouldn't ideally raise...
  2. J

    few DD free dish and dishtv channels are doubled.

    Upon full scan, dd free dish channels are doubled in my fta set top box. i think these TPs are from dish tv which shows dd free dish channels. previous dish tv zee group fta channels no more to be seen and few dish tv channels are off - no signal. is any one facing this problem. if it is my...
  3. Deep.S

    DDF Exclusive Dish TV [ST-2] Channels & Services List (Updated as on 18th May 2020)

    Dish TV (ST-2) Channels & Service List (Dish TV ST-2 Alignment Channels) >Channels List Updated as on 18th May 2020 HOME/PROMO: 7 92.Coronavirus Update 95.Dish Buzz 100.Home Channel 1 890.Recharge Reminder 897.Home HD 898.d2h Connect 899.Home Channel 1 900.Home Channel 2 998.Customer Care...
  4. Deep.S

    DDF Exclusive Dish TV {NSS6/SES-8} Channels & Services List as on 18th May 2020

    Dish TV Channels List > Updated as on: 18th May 2020 Dish TV Help/Promo: 13 91. Non ST2 to ST2 92. Dish Positive (Coronavirus Update) 93. Buzz 94. Buzz 95. Dish Buzz HD 96. Dish Buzz (Hin/Tam/Tel/Kan) 97. Buzz 2 98. Zing HOME 608. Dish TV Offers 306. Watcho 999. TRAI/Customer Care 2036. Digi...
  5. V

    When TRAI is going to reduce Ncf fees and channel prices?

    New system is so ridiculous that i have to pay 630 rs per month for channels which i was paying 250 rs for same channels last year.so they gonna reduce ncf and channels price or not any time soon ?
  6. Shivraj

    DTH Updates Zee Anmol LCN changing

    With effect 11th November zee Anmol will be available on lcn 125. Currently available on lcn 142.
  7. S

    Some channels are in Dish TV Sri Lanka is not working

    Some channels are in Dish TV is not working
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