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jio stb

  1. Bapun Raz

    Rashmi Rare Earth to manufacture STB for Reliance Jio

    "Reliance Jio is one of the most valuable brands in India serving customers across all segments and it is heartening to see such prestigious business conglomerates put their faith in domestic companies to support their outsourcing needs and encourage a flow of liquidity across the demography,"...
  2. Sivabhaskar

    Seeking Help Jio Set Top Box: HDMI Resolution

    This is a Jio STB question, which is similar to a question (linked below) I posted on the Sun Direct forum yesterday. Jio STB has the option to choose between the following FULL HD resolutions: 1080i 50Hz 1080p 50Hz My TV can play both the above resolution types. In the Sun Direct thread, I...
  3. Anish Pai

    Discussion No more Jio TV app on Jio STB

    I was browsing YouTube and came across a video, similar videos from the same YouTube channel were shared before in the forum. Last video shared by some member shows that Jio TV app was working on the white Jio STB. But the latest update is that the Jio TV app has stopped working on it's STB...
  4. aashishvanand

    DDF Exclusive Jio STB User Interface Screenshots and Review

    Hi, In continuation of the previous post showcasing the I/O in STB (Jio STB without RF input). Here are more screenshots from the STB. The STB seems to run a customized version of AOSP Android 7.1 and not based on Android TV, so it lacks Google Play and Google apps out of the box...
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