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new tariff order

  1. Siva

    Discussion Comparison of broadcaster pricing in the old regime, new regime, TRAI's analysis for amending the NTO

    Everyone, As we all know, TRAI has amended the New Tariff Order, popularly known as NTO yesterday and made some very important changes. There are some very important and interesting data points with respect to the channel pricing in the full tariff order. I felt it's important for everyone to...
  2. Abhinav842

    Discussion TRAI announced important changes in the Tariff Order

    Following are the changes announced by TRAI: Bouquet Formation: 1. Both the below conditions must be met. These conditions are actually from the old tariff order (Before New Tariff Order) when the dealing was entirely between Broadcaster and DPOs. So, the broadcasters shouldn't ideally raise...
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