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sun direct

  1. Basil

    Sun Direct revises NCF in compliance with NTO 2.0

    ➢ The Network Capacity Fee for each set top box payable monthly by a subscriber for minimum 100 SD channels is Rs. 130/- plus applicable taxes. ➢ The Network Capacity Fee for each set top box payable monthly by a subscriber up to 200 SD channels is Rs. 160/- plus applicable taxes. ➢ As per...
  2. rkaravinth

    2 Channels added in Sun direct Tamil Dpo 2 package

    Discovery & animal planet
  3. IamTRoy4

    Discussion Sun DIrect vs D2h | Budget packs under ₹200/month!

    While the battle of BEST DTH of the year b/w Airtel Digital TV & Tata Sky is going on, other 2 DTH brands are trying to give more channels in CHEAP price! here I've made a list of BENGALI Packages available to subscribe under our budget 200 INR―↓ (no extra NCF & GST) In this list we can...
  4. Sivabhaskar

    Seeking Help Sun Direct HD: 1080p or 1080i ?

    My STB is Y Series, and my STB Model Number is HS8101. My TV is able to play both 1080p and 1080i. From what I read online, 1080p seems to be a better option for faster moving pictures (less blurring/jarring). But by default, the Sun Direct HD STB displays 1080i (I am not aware if it is 50Hz...
  5. IamTRoy4

    Seeking Help any Sun DTH users ??

    My friend (neighbor) purchased Sun Direct SD connection at ₹1800, he got 6 months of Bengali DPO 1 pack (available entertainment, few infotainment & sports channels), which will be charged ₹198/month after 2nd June 2020. Here's my question, Does he need to pay ₹153 (NCF) + Curated Pack = over...
  6. Bishnu15

    Breaking 2 new HD Channels will be added

    1. UTV HD 2. Times Now HD World. Source: Sun Direct App.
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