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2-Year-Old's Heart Travels in 4 Hours From Bengaluru to Chennai (1 Viewer)


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7 Jan 2013
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BENGALURU: The heart of a two-year-old boy who died this morning at a hospital in Bengaluru has been flown on a special plane to Chennai, where doctors will attempt to transplant it into another young child. The heart was rushed from one city to another, all within the space of four hours.

The Bengaluru police had assigned 25 men to ensure that the ambulance carrying the heart got a signal-free ride from the hospital to the airport, a distance of two kilometres. From there, the heart was taken in an air ambulance to the Chennai airport. From there, the heart was rushed to Fortis Hospital in Chennai, through a special route configured by the Chennai Traffic Police to ensure there were no delays.

The heart has completed its inter-state journey in less than four hours. The parents of the baby who died this morning were shattered, but agreed to donate his organs, said doctors.

Source: 2-Year-Old's Heart Travels in 4 Hours From Bengaluru to Chennai

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