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4K Blu-ray Standard Has Been Finalized (1 Viewer)


Dream Shine
20 Nov 2014
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The official standard for 4K Blu-Ray has been finalized and with it several other improvements will be included along with the 4K standard. The new standard will be different from your average Blu-Ray disk, with a 66GB Dual-layer and a triple layer 100GB being the storage medium for Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

4K Blu-Ray disks and the the new players required to run them are expected to release at some time within the next year.

The 4K video will be encoded with the relatively new and ultra efficient h.265 format (now called HEVC) and will be gaining HDR (High Dynamic Range) which will provide much more detailed Bright and Dark tones. Colour will also be getting a boost with the Ultra HD Blu-Ray spec supporting 10-bit sampling and 4:4:4 colour, instead 4:2:0 colour which standard HD Blu-Ray uses.

One other thing to note is that 3D is not included in the spec, which means that 4K 3D Blu-Rays will not be a thing, at least at launch.

With the additional processing power required to run 4K movies, and the fact the 4K Blu-Rays use a different disk and Video codec current Blu-Ray players will not be able to use them. This means that new Ultra HD Blu-Ray players will be required to use this new format.

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