9X TASHAN Started on Asiasat 3S

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5 Aug 2011
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New channel 9X TASHAN started on Asiasat 3s Cband scrambled in IRDETO

New Channel from 9x ... on Asiasat 3S @ 105.5E Cband

Channel Name: 9X TASHAN

FReq: 4174 H 2480



Scrambled : IRDETO
oh so the new channel 9x tashan is too in air now.good news for all brother can you post the pics too?:)
ya,,,, maybe a good channel
let's have some more channels this month and tashan also:rofl
Soon Fta Coz No scope for Music Channels in Pay mode.
9x & 9xm also Scramble At Start Time.
this news info is completely copied by alphabets too in some other Forum ( well you all know which is that and they only have such things nowadays).. and the Supermod there when complained says it is not copied and it taken from sat beams :rofl :rofl
and these fellows cry on other forums that they copy from them :rofl:rofl

look at these copy post .. ditto to what i have posted here.. nothing against PREET maybe he dont know that but atleast the so called great forum do not deserve those posts there

see this by Preet

and then it was reported and then see the reply of Smod there :p

Atleast if the person who copied has typed with his own Hands and posted that info it wont have matter much as somehow anyone will be posting.. but just copy pasting without mentioning from where u copied is not good. that forum does not want to mention other forum's names so they do not deserve the copied content also from other forums..
hehe yes mj bhai a great forum and what a great team too.when jatt asked them for sorce great smod told its from satbems then how all are same as your post? And if you post pics that too may copy i think and great vasu :rofl sleeping........
look at the alphabet 'R' in the word FReq... i have posted it like that here and it is same there also and the Admins and Smods are so blind not even noticing that ..they have no knowledge of what is called as copied content too and cry on others when the info is posted after it is available all over the websites ..
a member katul supported jatt and replyed it is copied info of mj but idi*t raja changed it to this-

Preet is also member of that fourm.
may be you are right.
may be not.
only he will cleared the doubt. I have seen many members copy the link/info from
this site: http://www.indiantelevision.com/ is it allowed? jatt

great work smod........is raja mad?........really too shameful job......too much angry on his works........soon post full screenshots i think he forget as i too dere.
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