9XM freezing a lot today in Tata Sky

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3 Nov 2010
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guys is it also happening with you?

My tata sky signal level is currently near full meance touching full :buddys_by_graveyardwatcher:

but only the sad news is that today 9xm channel whcih i wach mostly is freezing a lot.

See a snapshot also-

well its a problem which happens from 9xm end,infact 9x and 9xm both have this issue. u will see this problem on all platforms,its not atata sky issue
oh thanks brother for this information.

And but tata sky when giving 9x then it was not happening in that channel.

What about this?

I think its their satellite problem.

Meance they are not catching 9xm properly.

This problem is till now.
no it used to happen when 9x was there,its a problem from inx group end which operates these channels
now its fine :up:
kamlesh bro are you a tata sky subscriber also?:buttons:
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