After Small Wonder inspired.....


10 Dec 2020
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After Small Wonder inspired
Karishma Kaa Karishma and the
more recent Bahu Hamari
Rajni_Kant, the small screen is all
set to welcome a humanoid once
again. Yes, you read that right. A
new show called Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan
which features a humanoid as its
protagonist will premiere on July
26 at 7:30 pm on Sony SAB.
The show will take us through the
trials and tribulations of a
humanoid robot who wants to
establish its own individuality.
Sounds interesting? We thought as
Y.A.R.O was invented by a genius
scientist by the name of Mr.
Govardhan Aggrawal, and has been
given an artificial heart. And what
happens next? Your guess is as good
as ours. Y.A.R.O starts behaving
like a human--it gets sad, happy,
angry; you know the drill.
The show features prominent faces
of the small screen like Anirudh
Dave (as the lead), Rakesh Bedi (as
Mr Aggrawal), and last but not the
least, Malini Kapoor.
The story revolves around Y.A.R.O
(Your Aptitude Remote Operator)
who has been programmed by Mr
Aggrawal as a 22-year-old adult,
and who is considered by him as his
own son. Things take an interesting
turn when Y.A.R.O starts behaving
like any other human being, and
starts forging deep relationships
with people around him.
Well, we definitely can't wait for this one to
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Why don't they try something else? I want to watch Indian versions of Two and a Half Men.
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