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Airtel Digital TV Recorder FAQ


29 Feb 2012
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what is the airtel digital TV [HD] recorder?

airtel digital TV [HD] recorder is a new service from airtel which lets you watch and record HD channels. airtel digital TV [HD] recorder has 5 times more picture clarity with the highest possible picture resolution of 1920x1080 and wide Aspect Ratio of 16:9. You also get a theatre like experience right in your living room with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.
The airtel digital TV [HD] recorder has several features, the most prominent being:
Record any programme for viewing later
Pause Channels
Rewind Channels
Multiple options of viewing and recording
- Watch one programme while you record another
- Record two programmes while you watch one of them
- Record two programmes while you watch a third previously recorded programme
Perform advanced recording
- Schedule programmes to Record automatically even if the TV is switched off
- Record from anywhere - use your cell phone to browse for programmes and schedule recordings
- Record all the episodes of a programme automatically (Series recording)
- Schedule recordings for a specific time interval (Time-based recording)

what is the difference between Standard Definition and High Definition broadcast?

Globally, High Definition (HD) is swiftly replacing Standard Definition (SD) when it comes to television broadcasts. HD has a high picture resolution of 1920x1080, with 2.07million+ pixels offering 5 times more detail than SD. It has a wide aspect ratio of 16:9 better suited for our eyes which have more horizontal than vertical span, as compared to an aspect ratio of 4:3 in SD.

what is the Dolby Digital Plus?

Ready to take your surround sound experience to the next level? Dolby Digital Plus lets you experience all of the enveloping surround sound that your High Definition (HD) broadcast makes possible. With up to 7.1 channels of premium-quality surround sound, you´ll follow the action with your eyes and your ears. When listening to your music or watching movies, you'll feel the explosive power of dazzling special effects and hear every sound as the artist or director intended. Click here to know more

how do I Record a programme using my Remote Control?

You can record a programme you are viewing by pressing the ‘rec’ button on your remote. You can also find programmes using the Electronic Programme Guide, the Search feature, Most Viewed Channels, Favorites etc., Select the programme and press the ‘rec’ button to schedule the recording up to 7 days in advance.

what Is the Pause Live TV feature?

Suppose you are watching your favourite programme on TV and the phone rings. Just press the Pause button and your TV pauses at that point. Once you want to start watching, press ‘Play’ to start playing TV exactly from where you left off.

how do I Rewind Live TV?

If you are watching TV and want to replay a particular scene or dialogue, simply press the Rewind button on the remote control. By repeatedly pressing the Rewind button, you can increase the rewind speed up to 32X just like your DVR player.

how do I Record a programme on my digital TV [HD] recorder using my Mobile Phone?

If you are not in front of your Set top box, you can also schedule a recording from your mobile phone using the mobile recording application.

To install and start using the application, follow the following steps:
Ensure you have a GPRS and Java enabled mobile.
Preferably this mobile should be one of the 4 registered phone numbers linked to your digital TV account.
SMS MGUIDE to 54325 to receive the link on your phone.
Click on the link in your SMS to download the application
Launch the application.
Login to the application using your ‘My Account’ login ID and password (In case you have not registered on "My Account", you can register at www.airtel.in/digitaltv or click on the ‘register now’ link on the mobile application to register).
Browse genres and select the programme you want to watch.
Click on Record to schedule the Recording.

Note: When you schedule a programme to record from your mobile, please ensure that you Set Top box is powered on and that there are no recording conflicts at the scheduled time of the recording.

will the mobile recording application run on any handset?

The Mobile recording application is designed to run on any handset that is Java and GPRS enabled. So far, we have tested the application on over 260 handsets, and will continue to expand this list. Click here to view the list of handsets tested so far.

are there any Recording charges associated with recording from my Mobile?

Currently, there is no charge associated with downloading, viewing the program guide or recording from your mobile. Please note that the data transfer charges from your mobile service provider may still apply.
what is the Lock Feature on mobile recordings?
All mobile recorded events are locked automatically to protect your mobile recordings. We understand that if you have taken the extra effort to record a programme from your mobile, you would want it to be protected from accidental deletion, and you may want to protect this from being viewed by your children.

Use your parental control PIN to view or delete these recordings. The default parental control PIN is 0000.

what is the Easy-series recording feature?

Sometimes you may want to automatically record multiple or all episodes of your favorite programme. If you are watching a programme that has multiple episodes, press the rec button twice on your remote and select the number of episodes you want to keep on disk at any point of time. You can also find a programme in My Recordings (by clicking myRec on the remote control) and select the series link option to record the series. The recorder will ensure that only unique episodes get recorded, and duplicate episodes / re-runs do not get recorded.

what is Time-based recording?

Suppose you want to record the Saturday Night Blockbuster on your favourite movie channel that starts at 8 pm, and want this to record this every week automatically. This is when you can use Time-based recording. This is a recording option where you can program your set top box to record a particular channel for a particular interval. You can also set the recording the repeat every day or every week, or not to repeat at all. Press ‘myRec’ on your remote, choose ‘Recording by Time’, select ‘Set Recordings‘ and then select your options to set the recording. To view these recordings, press myRec, choose Recording by Time, select Play Recordings, select your recording from the list and play.

how can I watch what I have recorded?

You can view your recordings anytime at your convenience. Press ‘myRec’ on your remote to reach the My Recordings section. Your recordings are also grouped by genre for your ease of navigation.

how much storage capacity do I have on airtel digital [TV] recorder?

The [HD] recorder has a fixed hard disk drive, which has a storage capacity of 500 Gigabytes. With this storage capacity, the [HD] recorder can record up to 750 hours*.
*depending on content bitrate

can Standard Definition channels be viewed and recorded with airtel digital TV [HD] recorder set top box?

Yes, Standard Definition (SD) channels can also be viewed and recorded with airtel digital TV [HD] recorder set top box. These channels will be shown in SD format.

how do I know how much space is available for Recording?

Click on myRec on your remote and you can see a graphical indicator as well as percentage value of how much disk space is free.

what happens when my disk gets full?

You can decide how you want your recorder to manage your recordings when the disk is full. There are three possible disk management mode options available in the recorder Settings: Automatic, Warning and Manual mode, depending on how you want the recorder to handle your recordings when the disk space gets full.

Automatic Mode: This is the default disk-management mode. When the disk gets full, your oldest viewed recording gets deleted. Older un-watched recordings get deleted next when the disk runs out of space again.

Warning Mode: In this mode, you are warned when your disk is full. If you do not delete recordings despite the warning, the mode still functions as Automatic mode.

Manual Mode: The recorder does not overwrite your old recordings. When the disk gets full, you are warned and the recorder records only when more space is freed up manually.

To select one of the above options, please press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote, select ‘My Settings’ and then ‘recorder Settings’. You can then choose your recorder management mode.

for how many days can I store my recordings?

You can store your recordings for as long as you like. You can view the recording till you have subscribed to the channel or as long as the channel is available on the platform. There is also a Lock feature that allows you to lock any recording(s) to prevent accidental deletion. Locked programs do not get deleted when choosing the automatic, warning or manual modes of disk management.

what happens when there is an electricity failure?

Your recordings are secure on your hard disk and you will not lose anything that has already been recorded when there is a power failure. However, if there is a program that is recording or has been scheduled for recording at the time of an electricity failure, the recording will not be done for the duration of the power cut. As soon as the electricity returns, your recorder will start and the recording will resume automatically.

what is slow motion?

Slow motion is playing back video at a slower speed than it was produced or recorded, so that the action appears much slower than in real life. This feature lets you watch any channel or recorded video in slow motion and catch all the details. To play in slow motion, press the pause button (or rewind to any position on a channel or recorded video to where you want to start slow motion from), and press forward button once to start slow motion. To resume video in normal speed, press the play button again.
how can I buy a new airtel digital TV [HD] recorder connection?
Go to Plans and Offers, select digital TV [HD] recorder and choose the plan that suits you. Alternately, you can SMS HDREC to 54235 from your mobile phone, and we will get back to you.

what equipment do I need for an HD experience with Surround Sound?

To experience High Definition with Surround Sound, you must have an airtel digital TV HD set top box, an HDTV, HDMI cable and a Home Theatre. Your STB comes free with an HDMI cable.

what is HDMI output?

HDMI is essential to get the best HD signals to your television sets. The airtel digital TV HD set top box includes a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable.
Our HD set top box also has AV, Component and RF outputs in case your TV doesn't have an HDMI input.

can I watch HD using a Component cable?

Yes, you can watch your HDTV using a Component cable.

can I watch HD using an AV cable?

Yes, you can watch using AV output but HD content will be seen in SD format.

will HD set top box be supported by regular Standard Definition Television (SDTV)?

If you don´t have HDTV, then set top box is compatible with your Standard Definition Television (SDTV). You can continue enjoying the HD broadcast in Standard format.

is there any special installation requirement?

No, there is no special installation required for the [HD] recorder set top box. You need to connect your HDTV to the STB using an HDMI cable (which comes included with the Set Top Box) and to your home theatre using an HDMI cable or an SPDIF cable.

which HD channels can I watch on airtel digital TV [HD] recorder?

You can currently watch National Geographic HD, Discovery HD World and Movies Now HD in High Definition. We continue to launch other interesting HD channels.

does the digital TV [HD] recorder support 1080p resolution?

Yes, the set top box hardware supports 1080p resolution. As of today, so we are not transmitting 1080p signals. However, in the future when we enable this feature, your existing digital TV [HD] recorder will receive the 1080p signals.

does the digital TV [HD] recorder and digital TV [HD] support 3D content?

Yes, airtel digital TV [HD] recorder and digital TV [HD] support content. However, you need a 3D enabled television, and 3D stereoscopic glasses to watch 3D content. Also, you will be able to watch 3D content when it is available on airtel digital TV.

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