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AIRTEL DTH - STAR TV Audio issues

Complaint register or not>?

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4 Jan 2021
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is it just me or any 1 else has the same issue?

None of the star HD channels star plus or star bhart, None of the shows is not in 5.1 audio (Dolby Digital).. Why did they downgrade the audio?

Before corona, all the shows were in 5.1 audio but now none of them is.

I contact Hotstar helps in Twitter and they said they don't any about it! they are a concern only about their app and they said to speak with cable provider!! Do u really think its an issue from cable providers? Whereas other channels like sony tv HD and colours HD are still on 5.1 audio and I can experience it

we are paying for HD channels for Better audio-video quality and they are doing such things!! Should I register a complaint to ibfindia ?? What is ur suggestions?

I have tried contacting star channels on both Twitter and Facebook and they never responded
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