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Android 5.1 LollipopChanges Tipped in LatestAndroid One Screenshots (1 Viewer)


28 Sep 2013
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The two big announcements from Googl
on Wednesday included the latest
Android Lollipop build 5.1 to come alon
new Android One smartphones in
Indonesia and much-awaited Android
5.0 Lollipop rollout for Android One
smartphones in India in the next week or

Now, fresh developments have come out
suggesting that Android 5.1 Lollipop
might also be ready for Google Nexus
devices and purported live images of the
Indonesian Android One smartphones
already running the Android version
detail some of changes in the new build
ahead of an official changelog from
Google .

On Wednesday, Google revealed its plan
in a blog post to launch Android One
smartphones in Indonesia. In the
meanwhile, on its dedicated Android One
site for the country, Google noted the
smartphones will run Android 5.1
Lollipop - however, the company has no
yet responded with further details. With
the launch, Indonesia will become the
fifth country after India, Bangladesh,
Nepal and Sri Lanka to receive Android
One smartphones. While Google is yet to
announce a release date for the new
devices, it's VP Product Management,
Caesar Sengupta said, "In Indonesia,
we're working with leading partners
Evercoss, Mito and Nexian to make high
quality smartphones for less than IDR
1.5 million (approximately Rs. 7,330)."

Shortly after the announcement, Android
Police published purported images and
screenshots of two of the Android One
smartphones to be launched in
Indonesia, made by Evercross and
Nexian. The images have tipped one
change that we should expect in the
updated Android 5.1 Lollipop build. To
remind you, the build hasn't been
officially previewed or detailed by Google
as yet.

As seen in the screenshots obtained by
Android Police, Google has tweaked the
quick settings toggles for Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth. In Android 5.0 Lollipop, apart
from toggling on/ off Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth icon with a simple tap, users
are required to tap below to access full
switch menu of both. But in Android 5.1
Lollipop Google appears has tweaked
this a little, and now users will reportedl
see a down arrow sign which on tappin
opens up a list without leaving the quick

Android Police also claims to have found
some evidence that some Nexus devices
are already running test builds of Androi
5.1 Lollipop, with visitor data gleaned
from the site's servers showing Nexus
devices with Android 5.1 builds -
LMY29C on the Nexus 5, LMY22E on the
Nexus 9, and LMY29C, LMY29D and
LMY22E on the Nexus 6. With a few
Nexus devices already running the OS
version, it is being speculated Google wil
announce the official factory images an
OTA updates for the Nexus lineup soon.

In the meanwhile, Android Pit has share
a leaked changelog list for Android 5.1
Lollipop, obtained in December, which
lists improvements corresponding to bug
that have been reported since Android
5.0 Lollipop released: addition of silent
mode; improvements in system stability;
improved RAM management; fixes for
sudden app closures; improved battery
management; excessive consumption of
network devices when used Wi-Fi fixed;
fixes for issues with wireless connections;
fixes for Ok Google function; fixes for
notifications problems; some sound
problems experience by certain devices
fixed, and changes in the Material Desig
colour palette.


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