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Animal Planet brings new epic series ‘Africa’

Dinesh jain

3 Feb 2014
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the making, ‘Africa’ premieres on Animal Planet
on 7 January at 8 pm. Airing every Wednesday,
‘Africa’ is an extraordinary series that brings to
life the continent as never seen before, including
never-before-filmed species, animal behaviors
and secret, natural wonders of the world.

Travel to a secret location in southwest Africa to
witness what could be the last great rhinoceros
gathering on Earth, filmed with a newly
developed camera system that is operated using
the light of the stars and captures sound using
microphones embedded around a watering hole.
Track a teenage chimp in the Congo with a
sweet tooth that drives her to perfect
complicated honey-hunting techniques using four
different tools. Meet some gutsy lizards who
hunt for flies on the backs of sleeping lions in
the Serengeti, a behavior never before captured
on film. And see giraffes in a whole new way as
two rival males in Namibia deliver
sledgehammer-like blows on each other in a
knockout fight for domination.

To capture on film these and other spectacular
animal behaviors, the production team spent
1,598 days on location across 79 separate
expeditions in 27 African countries. They utilized
21 different types of cameras to shoot more than
2,000 hours of footage. Of the 553 cameras
deployed throughout the series, only eight were
lost or damaged beyond repair.

Indian Television Dot Com | Animal Planet brings new epic series ‘Africa’


16 Jul 2013
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RE: Animal Planet brings newepic series ‘Africa’

Good update dinesh bhai.
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