Animal Planet kicks off new season of 'Deadly 60' on 20 August

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3 Nov 2010
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MUMBAI: Steve Backshall, Animal Planet's wildlife expert, is back with more fatal animals in a new season of Deadly 60.

Promising more adventures with unexplored creatures over unexplored places, viewers will travel with Steve across six continents to find his "hit list" of the 60 most lethal animals on Earth.

The 26 episode season will air on Animal Planet every Saturday at 9:30 pm from 20 August.

Take the hippopotamus - this friendly looking animal kills more humans than anything else in South Africa. Despite its stocky shape and short legs, the hippopotamus can easily outrun a human - it's been clocked at 48 k.p.h.

What about the cuttlefish? Despite the name, cuttlefish belong to the mollusc group and are among the most intelligent invertebrate species. Possessing three hearts and blue-green coloured blood, they can change colour in a fast-flashing pattern, acting as a deadly weapon of camouflage sneaking up on their prey.

Pushing four tonnes of pressure through every square centimeter of tooth, the great white shark proves to be worthy of a place on Backshall's Deadly 60 list, and a remarkable glimpse of fish eagles grappling their prey underwater illustrates their predatory prowess.

The show travels to places to list down 'Deadly 60' creatures in the world. Backshall moves around and tackles most fascinating - and deadly - creatures across Costa Rican jungles, deadliest desserts in Mexico, Panama's Darien Jungle rainforest, waters of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, arid landscapes of Namibia in southern Africa, rainforests of Madagascar to dig out the largest carnivore. He learns about primates in Uganda, digs out world's longest venomous snake in Thailand, swims with deadliest sharks and poisonous snakes in Philippines, tracks the elusive lynx and Europe's largest cat in Norway and many more.

From black rhino to the blue whale, leopard seals to giant hornets, Steve searches for the animals that most people would happily avoid. Each animal has developed deadly characteristics, and he shows how they help the animal survive in the wild. Some use their weapons for defence, and some for attack; however, one thing remains, and that is that whatever their size, these animals are truly deadly.
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