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Animal Planet to uncover ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
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MUMBAI: Animal Planet is set to uncover the ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’ in a new series with wildlife expert and adventurer Dave Salmoni.

Salmoni will travel to the world’s most mysterious and remote islands to unveil secrets of the planet’s most extraordinary predators.

The show will launch on 19 January and air at 9 pm from Monday to Friday.

The six-part series will put Salmoni’s expertise and survival skills to test as he faces the unknown.

He will be shown getting dangerously close to the world’s wildest creatures like the vampire bat, the great hammerhead shark, the killer whale and the grizzly bear, as he lives alongside them to uncover the secrets of their domination in these confined places.

Discovery Networks Asia Pacific EVP and GM South Asia Rahul Johri said, “This is Animal Planet at its best: exploring areas unknown and providing unprecedented access to awe-inspiring environments. Dave Salmoni’s extraordinary wildlife expertise, captured by world class filmmakers, has produced that rare hybrid of blue chip programming: natural history and adventure set against a spine-tingling mystery.”
Viewers will see Salmoni travelling to the untamed islands of Rangiroa, Falklands, Admiralty, Fernandina and Coiba.

The adventure begins on the South Pacific island of Rangiroa, known as the shark capital of the world and home to thousands of deadly sharks.

He then travels to a remote speck of land in the wild and stormy South Atlantic. Each year, thousands of elephant seals, sea lions and penguins flock to the Falklands to breed. But they are pursued by the killer whales, which lay siege to the island.
Salmoni also journeys to a harsh, mountainous island off the coast of Alaska in the Northeast Pacific –home to the greatest concentration of grizzly bears on the planet. He sets out to find out how Admiralty can support so many of these huge bears, and in the process, is cornered by grizzlies, trapped inside his tent and amazed by what he sees on his camera traps.

Following this, he will be shown venturing to Fernandina island, a completely protected, uninhabited and actively volcanic island in the Galapagos Archipelago. Salmoni’s mission takes him into freezing waters with rare marine iguanas and flightless cormorants, before witnessing lightning-fast snakes on the hunt, which in turn are being hunted by eagles.

In perhaps his darkest mission yet, Salmoni will journey into the heart of Coiba in an attempt to uncover the secret behind stories of ghosts, torture, vampires and death that seem to haunt the island.
In a special ‘Making of’ episode, he will reveal the extreme lengths to which he and his wildlife teams went to produce the series.

Animal Planet to uncover ‘Mystery of the Lost Islands’ | TelevisionPost.com
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