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Discussion Are you fan of the new changes?

Are these minor changes by Tata Play causing inconvenience to you?

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23 Aug 2018
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I am finding somechanges really annoying. Seeing how Airtel loves to beg to activate a deactivated connection by spamming everyday with calls and SMS. I found it safe to use secondary numbers for DTH services and OTTs like Tata Play allowed login via password. Now the feature seems to be discontinued with now only option to login in via OTP which causes inconvenience when secondary phone is not with you.

Then there are channels and add-ons provided on Jingalala Saturday and Jingalala Afternoon offers. Offers are the best provided by a DTH offer. But it's greyed out until the due date. Best part about Tata Play is freedom to add and drop channels as per one's own wish. Here is freedom is taken away. You got to call customer service to drop these on your behalf.

Another point to add is call support no longer adds or drops any non service channels. They push you to do it either via call, SMS or WhatsApp. Now imagine non-tech savvy elderly have to deal with it. They can't even ask others to login for them through password. They have to find OTPs to log into the portal.
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20 Apr 2021
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Yes true... Login via only OTP is really annoying. Don't really understand why the password option was removed.
With respect to offers, well, I have no problem in contacting the customer care via chat to remove the packs before the due date as I am really happy with the offers they provide and I'm ok with spending few minutes for its removal. Having said that, I'll be more happier if that can be edited from the app or WhatsApp itself.
To be Frank, adding channels through WhatsApp, SMS etc is a great feature. I don't think anyone will find it difficult to send an SMS or Whatsapp by typing "Add ****".
And for elderly people, i don't see any need in tinkering of packs every now and then. And to those who require modification more often, i believe they will be definitely aware of sending texts or using WhatsApp or even application or website for that matter.
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