Avantika's proud of my female fan following: Imran

26 May 2011
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Imran Khan is one of the cutest actors in Bollywood and his female fan following is soaring after the runaway success of Delhi Belly.

Interestingly, the actor who got married in January this year, says his wife has no problem with the female attention he gets. Many would believe that huge attention from women will surely make a star wife possessive, but it's quite the contrary with Mrs. Imran Khan.

Imran reveals that Avantika is in fact proud of his female fan following. "Avantika is not at all possessive and has no problems with the female attention I get. She is rather proud of my female fan following. I think she will have problems if women stop showering attention on me," said Imran.

Well, the saying Owners Pride, Neighbour's envy suits the young couple perfectly. What say?

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