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Bengali GEC Aakash Aath to launch new show format ‘Ek Maasher Galpo’ (1 Viewer)

Dinesh jain

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3 Feb 2014
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Bengali general entertainment channel (GEC)
Aakash Aath is launching a new format called
Ek Maasher Galpo, which will showcase stories
that will end within a month.
The half hour show format goes
on air (2 February) and will be aired from
Monday to Saturday at 7 pm.
“We have been doing dailies and weeklies and
now we thought of doing monthlies. People are
bored of the mega serials. The stories we will
showcase are from novels by famous writers.
Stories all some eminent writers would be aired
from 7pm till 7.30 pm, six days a week,” said
Aakash Aath director.
When queried on the new format, Surana said
that with this, the channel aims to educate
people. “I want to entertain them with short
monthly stories,” she said.
For instance, in the month of February, famous
Bangladeshi writer Taslima
Nasrin’s Jhumur would be aired. “We have 24
episodes, which will be directed by Sushanta
Basu. The cast includes Kaneenika Banerjee,
Pijush Ganguly, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Rajashree
Bhowmick, Anamika Saha and Tulika Basu
amongst others,” she said.
Similarly, in March, the channel will air Abul
Basar’s Musafir , which will have 26 episodes.
This series will be directed by Debidas
Bhattacharya. The cast includes Neel Mukherjee,
Debdoot Ghosh and Monami Ghosh amongst
For the months of April and May, the channel
has planned Pratibha Basu’s Sahasa Kuyasha
Chhire (26 episodes) and Syad Mustafa
Siraj’s Point Zero (26 episodes) respectively.

Indian Television Dot Com | Bengali GEC Aakash Aath to launch new show format ‘Ek Maasher Galpo’

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