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8 Feb 2014
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Share your experiences with different hd box of sun direct, what issue you face. How did you overcome it. At present what is the best sun direct hd box to buy? This will help many new users who move to sun direct. They can atleast request the sunshine center to provide the best box if they know the model no.
Hs2708 is a box where there will not be any sound if you choose Dolby digital. So don't take the box is the advise from our forum members.
Kindly share your box model no and issues if any. Thank you
Another issue of HS2708 is that, every time we switch off the box and switch it back on, the STB volume defaults to 16.

In all the other HD & SD boxes that I have encountered so far, if we set the volume on full level (31), it stays in 31 even if we switch off the box and switch it back on later.
I Have HS3J01 HD Box
I Have Nevar Faced Single Problem About Boxes it's Supports Dolby digital Plus Also
I Do Recordings Also Never Heated
One Problem Is We Can't Save Favourite Channel Like Tata Sky and UI Is Not Up To The Mark
Otherwise This Box Is Best As Compared To Other Sun HD Boxes
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I have HS2708 HD box but the sad thing is I'm not getting all hd channels only I'm getting limited number of HD channels.
Here is an old thread discussing issues in Sun Direct's HEVC boxes (both HD & SD).

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