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Discussion Best sun direct HD box


2 Apr 2021
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Favourie option working. Unbelievable when l noticed. Add channel to favourite group. When u go through fav button it directly open ur fav group & navigate left or right for more favourite group if u made.
It's Working Fine Brother


8 Aug 2017
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one day night iI got lost signal from my sundirect .All signal lost.I tried my best.but no signal.then i visited sunshine centre and checked the box.but no problem .when i connected in my home ,again shows no signal.Then i shifted sun dish to next place over hollow bricks and fitted.Then tuned myself using V8 box.by adjusting back mast i got signal .As the cable is 10 mtr it is not so length to connect to the box,I used other 2 mtr cable also to connect with the 10 mtr cable and connected to settop box but shows no signal.Again i checked the box by taking near the dish,so signal ok.but when tunig by the 10 mtr cable connected with 2 mtr cable no signal.Atlast bought 15 mtr cable and connected.Then signal ok.Iam also using dish tv max package.In dish tv a lot of channels available which are not present in sun direct.when opening dish tv very instantly channel coming but in sun direct channel is coming after several seconds.
Always use single cable,with joints you will loose signal
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