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Beware! WhatsApp Plus for Android is fake and potentially harmful (1 Viewer)


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20 Jul 2014
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If recent press coverage is to be believed, WhatsApp is working on a new version of its instant messaging client with lots of handy new features. Called WhatsApp Plus, the app is said to bring 700 new themes, more emoticons, and better privacy. After checking the alleged website of WhatsApp Plus (as well as dozen of other shady sites), and the app itself, we can confirm that it is not genuine and is in no way associated with Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Beware, lots of new vicious websites have since cropped up to trick users to download and install, what could potentially be a malware.

The report insists that WhatsApp Plus will come with themes, an up step from the existing wallpaper offerings, as well as provide users with an option to change the font, and color among other things to make the app look and feel more personalized. It further adds that WhatsApp will also bolster its existing privacy features. Late last year, WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems, a collaborative open source project to offer end-to-end encryption in its Android client.

The Whois information of the alleged website reveals that the domain wasn’t registered by WhatsApp, Inc. We also decompiled the WhatsApp Plus APK file — which has been circulating around the web — to find links to shady websites, hinting that the app is communicating with illegitimate sources.

We will advise readers to not download this app, or any app which claims to be WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp hasn’t launched any such app, and by using alternatives, you’re putting your privacy and security at risk.



21 Feb 2014
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yes friends it is harmful and it is not official app from WhatsApp team... don't use this... good share bro...


28 Sep 2013
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Good Share Ilikered Bro. :tup

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