Bhindi Bazaar Inc: An outdated storyline

26 May 2011
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MUMBAI: The title may have a touch of the contemporary but the chapter from Mumbai's crowded trading area is not; it lives somewhere in the myths about Bhindi Bazaar also known as Bombay No 3. The fact is the scene of action in Mumbai 3 was more centred on Dongri of yore.

The film likens moves of these small gangs from the area with chess moves though the popular game in such areas where unemployed youth abounded with the game of carom; chess was the game of nawabs, not petty pickpockets. However, the idea seems to be giving a touch of intelligence if that enhances a routine film somehow.

In the era of AK 47 and automatic guns wielding goons and supari killers spreading their tentacles internationally, Bhindi Bazaar Inc is about the power plays of a local gang. These areas of South Mumbai may still fascinate some but they are also the generators of businesses worth millions.

Pavan Malhotra is Mamu (his earlier film about the same locality, Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro by Saeed Mirza, should have been his inspiration here), the local gang lord whose underling aspires to be the next Mamu. The entailing deceptions and manipulations to become Mamu in place of The Mamu is what the film is about.

In the pursuit of being realistic, Bhindi Bazaar Inc spreads much blood and gore and exploits the surrounding of the locale well. Besides that, it has precious little to offer. Performances are balanced. The dialogue is bold but purely of local flavour.

Bhindi Bazaar Inc is a non-starter.
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