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13 Jun 2017
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To be frank, BJP is moderate hindutva whereas SS is extreme one. Can't believe how secular left I'd celebrating an SS CM. It's not like the identity of Hindu is sold out entirely to BJP. mod
Did only SS sold out Hindutava or INC too sold out there ideology ???? Wont invovle ncp because ncp doesnt have any ideology

IF INC had to support SS-NCP party then could have easily provided outside gov supports what was so binding that that had to be part of gov ????

The left eco-system of news media happily declared that SS is secular now

One its thrown out same ecosystem would provide reason that SS is communal ...
There is no surprise due to sharadha scam TMC may dump into NDA 😜🤣

But communist party alliance is sense here .. I think sun may rise in West but communist party won't shake hand with BJP 😜🤣😎👍
BJP joined hands with cpim in local elections in West Bengal few years back to defeat tmc , but they could not defeat tmc


29 Nov 2018
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1. BJP ideology is never let any other party succeed but BJP. They have always kept their alliance in shadows which has become very clear now. They always wanted to run by themselves.

2. This alliance will have 0 effect to Congress. Congress supporters just doesn't want BJP in power. Unless Shiv Sena makes any communal remark. Nothing will effect Congress. They can still sell their secular ideology.

3. Sharad Pawar lost his political retirementp. 😉
1.BJP has let other allies to succeed if BJP had gone solo in Punjab Election they would have gained more seats rather than going with akali dal even in Bihar they have already announced Nitish kumar will be cm for upcoming election

2.There is a domino effect in kerala due to which kc venugopal visited sonia gandhiji lot of times, I am sure as shivsena is in upa doesnt mean they are secular party they will make awkward remarks which will create differences in Congress as well as Shivsena ground workers

3.Sharad pawar didnt gave retirementship but as laid good ground to build political career for her daughter Supriya sule otherwise she would have been doomed by ajit pawar


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11 Mar 2013
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Upset with Uddhav Thackeray's decision to form alliance with NCP-Congress, 400 Shiv Sena workers join BJP at Mumbai event.
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30 May 2013
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What ever alliance measures they took. At the end of the day people should be benefited.
I lost the trust in Centre BJP power. Only False promises they have!!


22 Nov 2018
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AAP left Congress when their ideology didn't match. Back then AAP actually needed an alliance as they were are a political party without any experience.

Well i am talking of election of LS 2019 when AAP wanted alliance with INC in Delhi .In return they wanted alliance to be formed in haryan and Punjab which INC refused......

Political party without any experience jumps to national elections in 2014 hat too to contest on more that 100 seats ......nice joke

Between whats difference ideology of AAP and INC

IN 2013 they knew without INC support they cannot form delhi state gov so they took outside support and ditched same support in 2014 when they though that this support of congress can cost them 2014 LS elections
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