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9 Aug 2011
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It's time when Indians come together to celebrate the spirit of India's Independence. While 64 years has been passed since the historical event, India has been evolved greatly and the outlook of her people has changed significantly. Similarly the essence of the word 'Independence' has got different shades and Indians perceive it in various angles. Although we got freedom from British, we are bonded by several self-created problems and social elements and one which is most dreaded criminal is the CORRUPTION.

With a view to bring in this year's Independence Day, IndiaGlitz takes a look at those movies which not exactly celebrates the patriotic day but it speaks a lot about contemporary India, today's generation and also highlights the plights of aam aadmi, aam junta.

A Wednesday - A common man's attempt to teach the government a lesson by taking rules in his own hands.

Nayak - Where a common man brings revolution in the system. In fact, if one takes in the current scenario, every city needs a person who can stand up to fight the corruption.

Chala Mussadi Office Office - Highlights the common problem of a common man.

Swades - A man's realisation of his love for his motherland, fellow beings...

Rang De Basanti - A list is in complete without the mention of this Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's movie. It ignites the very spirit of oneness and awakening. As the movie's tagline goes - A Generation Awakens.

Lakshya - A typical urban youth at certain point of time realises his responsibility towards life, people and country.

My Name Is Khan - It teaches a valuable lesson - There are only two kinds of people: one good and other bad; but there is nothing like Hindu, Muslims, Christians and so on.

A movie which brings all people under one roof, erasing the religion differences.

Peepli Live - Relevant to real life, the movie highlights the plight of Indian farmers in a comic way. It aptly conveys that a serious matter can be blown out of proportion with media hype, but at the end of day the issue would not be solved.

.....the list is incomplete. There are many more such movies which make one think about their country and countrymen. Some movies which touch the heart and stirs the mind. Tell us your choice of film which has made you ponder; those which made you feel that we belong to 'India' and we have to do something for it....

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