boot loader for kaon stb user


27 Jun 2011
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hear is kaon stb boot loder for our member
benefit- starting problem solved.booting realey fast
how to downlode - start ur computer open this application connact ur stb with computer via rs-232 cable then power on ur stb
this prosess update kaon stb with new boot loder - 2.1,9
for loder see attachment
RE: boot loder for kaon stb user

@Anil Master,
Brother, I have a Kaon (Dishtv) STB.
If i load this boot loader then can i use it as FTA STB or any other benefit??
Can i save its old boot loader & restore it??
Any tutorials link for beginners?
Any setting required for connecting PC with STB?
Plz reply.
RE: boot loder for kaon stb user

No bro its only for boot change after this update we cant see or tune fta channel
RE: boot loder for kaon stb user

any other Profits from this ?
RE: boot loder for kaon stb user

anil bro thanks nice post, can u send me software and loader?

anil bro i cant find attached folder
@Anil : where is the attachment as mentioned in 1st post?? :huh

please check and upload again.. :) thanks..
a one loss this bootloader after loading this boot in box u cannot back old boot, like 219 to 216 or 218 & not upgrade new company s/w.......
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