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Good News Bought A Google Pixel 3a - Pics and Brief Review (1 Viewer)


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20 Jul 2014
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Hey Guys,

I always wanted to buy a Google device, right from the Nexus days. Somehow I couldn't and after Google discontinued the Nexus line and launched Pixel, I didn't buy as I thought they were overpriced. With the launch of Pixel 3a at reduced price tag, I thought this is a good opportunity to try the Google device.

I got a very good deal in the recent Flipkart Sale, and bought it. I have exchanged Nokia 6.1 Plus and got an additional 3k on the regular 3.9k. Also got another 10 percent discount with HDFC card. Final price was 29879 INR.

Initial impressions are very good. It's very smooth and touch response is excellent, just like an iPhone. Software optimization is awesome with the tight integration of Assistant, many useful additions like AOD, Double tap to unlock and various gestures. Camera is mind blowing (Better than iPhone X in Low light, see samples below). The form factor is excellent, and easy to handle. I like plastic back, and this phone has got that. The grip is very good and look is also great on the back despite being plastic. Screen quality is very good as well. I'll have to check the battery life, I believe it'll be good, as the drop is just around 10 percent in 3 hours with all the initial setup and Camera usage. Phone didn't heat up even with continuous usage of Camera.

What's in the box:

Google packed everything one needs, including an USB to Type C adapter, in-ear earphones and ear buds in various sizes. Charger in box has Type C to Type C cable and Adapter peaks at 3A making it a fast charger.

Few Pics:

In Box:

Switching On:

Home Screen:

Around 51 GB Storage is Free On Boot:

Back Side:

Camera Sample:

Below two pics are to compare the low light photography capabilities of iPhone X and Pixel 3a. See the difference.

iPhone X:

Pixel 3a:

Overall I'm very impressed with this device by Google, especially in the Camera department. It exceeded my expectations at this price point.

Anyone looking for an excellent Camera phone at this price point or even beyond can give this a try. It will surely impress you.

Thanks for reading.



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27 Oct 2016
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Congratulations @Siva Bro :)


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22 Sep 2017
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Congrats Bro.. Phone Really Looking Very Attractive and Good.

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