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BTV news and Janasri added back

Anup Tiwari

10 Aug 2013
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Good news. D2h is playing only remove and add channels's game


M Jahabar Sadiq
16 May 2011
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I posted this news yesterday already but thread closed by admin
Bro, we cannot believe a news without any proper source. CC wont reveal such news based on our past threads. And you cannot prove that it was confirmed by CC. In case if the news becomes false, only you will be blamed. So we are not accepting CC as source. Now part of your news came true. Let us see about another part. If you are sharing such news in future and most of them turning as true, people will accept you as a credible member sharing true news only like others in the forum. But please note that if any of your news found to be q copy from other forum, it will be removed immediately anf you will lose your credibility. For this news, I haven't found it anywhere till now.

If anyone found this news (about addition) is shared in other forum before he shared in DDF, just hit report button or PM team with proper details.


11 May 2015
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Dear All and Videocon management
Thanks for adding both BTV and Janashri back
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