Chandrakanta is Back, But With A Difference


22 Mar 2011
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The Indian fantasy television series, Chandrakanta, which left the country glued to television in mid 90s, is back again, but this time with a difference!

"Devaki Nandan Khatri, the writer of Chandrakanta, had written two novels, Chandrakanta and 'Chandrakanta Santati - The next generation.' The sequel of Chandrakanta is based on this second novel. This sequel will be about the love story of Chandrakanta's son and King Shiv Dutt's daughter," reveals Director Sunil Agnihotri, who was the director of the first part also, and adds, "Although the focus has shifted to the next generation in Chandrakanta -2, the fantasy elements are the same. Love, betrayal, magic, politics, spying, everything is going to be the same and even better."

However, Chandrakanta -2 is going to see a lot of new faces. Divulging the details further, the director says, "About 90% of the roles are being played by new actors. While the character of Shiv Dutt, which was earlier played by 'Pankaj Dheer', will be played by Puneet Issar (Duryodhan of Mahabharat) now, Shailendra Srivastav will replace Akhilendra Mishra for the role of 'Krur Singh'. The role of Badrinath will be played by Mamik instead of Irfan Khan and Bindu Dara Singh will be playing Abhimanyu. Even the role of Kuwar Virendra Vikram is being played by a new actor called Santosh Shukla. However, Chandrakantais same, and Shikha Swaroop is playing the role once again." He further adds, "Besides, most of the shooting of the serial is being done in Mahabaleshwar, Panwel and Rajpipla (Gujrat)."

Though, the sequel was supposed to start in April, it seems it will not start before May now. "We wanted to start as soon as possible but unfortunately two of our fine actors met with an accident recently, so now we will have to wait for their recovery. We expect to come on air in May. Moreover, since TRP of other channels during the IPL season also goes down significantly, we will have to consider that factor also before commencing the series."
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