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Clarification of Lock in Period of TOPUP


2 Dec 2011
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I activated below Topups on mentioned Date, then trying to remove via Website and got message. I always do this on Same day when I activated Any Topup for checking Lock in Period. Simple and Only trick. Via SMS , you can do this, but you must know Topup Code.

Caution : Do not try these on 2nd Day of activation of Topup. If Topup is not in LOP, then you will lose Channels and Money. They Refunded money, but we legitimately request them within week of activation of Topup. If U want to remove Topup on Same day of activation, you need to call CC and ask them for refund of money of Topup. You will get Refund in 48 Hrs. If U want to remove Topup via SMS, send REM <TOPUP Code> to 54325. Most of Regular TOPUPs are not in LOP like in Other DTH Service. Only in Airtel DigitalTV, they deducted 1 month of advance charges of Topup. So be cautious while removing Topup between 2nd to 30th day of activation. One gain is you can deactivate unwanted TOPUP within month if not in LOP. One pain is you innocently removed wanted TOPUP within activation of 2nd, 3rd or 4 th to 30th day of wanted Topup, You will lose money and Channels.

Examples of Unsuccessful Removal and checking of LOP :

1. Sorry,your request for removal of MINIPLEX Top Up 1M Apr-16 (Upfront NRC Rs 5) was not successful since the lock-in period of this topup is valid till 24-05-2016 265241353. So you can deactivate as on 24/05/2016 (Tuesday), If U activated on 24/04/2016 Sunday.

2. Sorry,your request for removal of iKids Top Up 1M Apr-16 (Upfront NRC Rs 5) was not successful since the lock-in period of this topup is valid till 31-05-2016 267857672. So you can deactivate as on 31/05/2016(Tuesday), If U activated on 01/05/2016 Sunday.

3. Sorry,your request for removal of Kids Super SundayTopup 1M (Upfront NRC Rs.5) was not successful since the lock-in period of this topup is valid till 04-06-2016 26865681. So you can deactivate as on 04/06/2016 (Saturday), If U activated Thursday. If U will activate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then Respectively on 5th, 6th and 7th June 2016.

So don't need to worry about Lock in Period of any Topup. I most of know about Topup LOP. Ask me, I reply in our Forum. 90% Regular TOPUPs are not in LOP. SSS Topups always in LOP. Because these are not put in LOP, Customer If not want, then He deactivate within month. Then no gain to ADTV. If in LOP, then customer forgot to deactivate after 30 days, customer money grabbed by company day by day till deactivation of Topup. Due to forgot, 80% customer money grabbed by company. This is Real motive of Sunday Super Sale offer. TATA Sky and d2h crunching customer money via Jingalala offer and Khushion ka weekend offer. Now Airtel digitalTV joined the money crunching Party.

If Topup in LOP or not in LOP, then if we want to remove on Same Day, it can only removed by CC, not via SMS. I activated South Magnum Topup Upfront NRC Rs.6 on 24/04/2016. Then I tried to remove via Website, then I got below mentioned reply via SMS. This is Example of TOPUP without LOP.

Sorry,your request for removal of Magnum South Channel TOPUP Sep -13 (Upfront NRC Rs.6) was not successful since the lock-in period of this topup is valid till 24-04-2016 265237396

Check in above LOP completion date showing same date of activation which means not in LOP.
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