Good News Cokestudio might soon be back in India


2 May 2011
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Hello guys,
I have got a good news , well it's not yet good news but it's a change being implemented by Coke Studio India YouTube channel which signals the return of the show,
The YouTube channel of the Coke Studio India has changed the name from Coke Studio @ MTV , shedding the title MTV from its name , I believe the change was significant because Coke Studio is very much popular in India and it is too big of a show to do it randomly ,
I think it's coming back But not on MTV this time around because as we know recently hotstar is also showing Coke Studio
It might be that star was having a problem advertising MTV with hotstar so it has brought that change

I have missed this show very badly since last 2 years

The Indian version of the show is being produced by Red Chillies entertainment and Coca Cola India so I might see some changes right there

Cheers to all MTV Coke Studio
fans out here we have got something coming in our way
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Coke Studios were available on hotstar from many ago. And, now there is no CS on hotstar
Did they pull it back from hotstar, understandable because with the launch of voot video on demand service from via com 18 @hike
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It is kind of a confirmation that it is coming back for a new season

I now they have changed the logo altogether so expect Coke Studio to be back soon maybe in 2 months because the Pakistani counterpart which is the original one does the same before launching new season
Coke Studio India was not a success story thats why they stopped.

Now they are resuming it, lets see how it will be.....

On the other side Coke Studio Pakistan is most popular program and entered in the 10 Season
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