Colors HD & History HD Test Transmission Started


8 Jun 2011
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Great News for HD Users.All leading Channels now going towards HD version.
On this COLORS HD and History HD have started its Test transmission on 4036 V C-Band TP Intelsat 7/10 68E.:lol:lol
The Person Who UPDATED In Has Updated Those First Here... Mr Mazhar See The Name mj786 and The Date....
so 4hd channels will be launched in future......wait for the history hd will launch on sd or not???????
in other forums they dont want to show the name so just copied the info posted by him itself.. so that shows how disgraceful on their part, they cannot credit the source provider but want to use his updates.. thats how they have reached this level...
yes agree with you sadiq bhai.mj is updating flysat and lyngsat always but some cheap persion hided it and showed other part only.they only know copy things.anyways nice update mj bhai. :)
I have a little bit difficulty to choose what Information should post on what Section.
Thats why i posted this info here.
i am visiting whole site sections.I will try to post in relevant section.Plz guide juniors to right path,
^^^don't worry you can freely post as you are a learner now.we team know about it and manage it have posted this thread in correct section n very nbice update brother.
Colors HD, History HD have started on Intelsat7/10 satellite @ 68.5 E.
These channels are encrypted in Irdeto.
Freq 4036 V 21600

Couresty: MJ786
dear friends

today morning when flysat update this news, it is showing powervu, but now it is shown irdeto.

see below screenshot which i take today morning.


^^ Yes you are right ..even i noticed on that day itself when it was updated.. and i asked flysat to correct that mistake as i sent them as IRDETO but they put it wrongly.. but it is corrected now i think during the last update
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