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Colors Kannada to launch Super Minute Season 2 on 13th Feb


12 Oct 2014
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The No.1 Kannada Entertainment Channel Colors Kannada is in the process of revamping its late night prime time slots with couple of new launches.

Earlier, the channel launched two new shows ‘Om Shakti Om Shanti’ and ‘Manedevru’ in its 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM time band respectively on 8th February. Both the serial are scheduled for telecast during weekdays (Monday to Friday)

And for the weekends, the channel brings ‘Super Minute Season 2’ – an adaptation of the internationally acclaimed ‘Minute to Win It’ show. The show is being hosted by Kannada actor, Golden Star Ganesh, and premieres on 13th February. It will be aired at 9 PM every Saturday and Sunday.

Super Minute Season 2 on Colors Kannada returns with a twist. This time seven contestants drawn from different walks of life battle each other. The winner moves on to the second stage of the show, to contest for the prize money with a celebrity. At each game that the common man and the celebrity play, the money in the money tree gets scaled up and the final winnings are then given to the common man.

Om Shakti Om Shanti on Colors Kannada
Airing at 9 PM on every Monday to Friday, Om Shakti Om Shanti is a saga of revenge, in which Shakthi enters the Kadamba family with an ulterior motive. Nageshwari Devi, a matriarch of the Kadamba family, rules the household with an iron fist. Her eldest son Ajay brings home Nithya, the girl he loves and wants to marry.

To everyone’s surprise Nageshwari doesn’t oppose this marriage as is her nature, but gives her assent, albeit with an ulterior motive. But Nithya is not who she appears to be and thus begins the saga of revenge and redemption.

Mane devaru on Colors Kannada
Airing at 9:30 PM on every Monday to Friday, Manedevru, made under the banner of popular Kannada actor Punit Rajkumar, is a tale of a naïve and simple girl called Janaki, from a quaint village called Hemadri. Sudarshan Yajurvedi is a priest at Venkataramana temple in Hemadri village. His daughter Janaki gets a marriage proposal from a boy in the United States. Word goes round the village that Janaki would be leaving for the US after her marriage, but Janaki’s cousin ends up marrying the boy. Are Janaki’s dreams of going to the US really shattered, or will she be able to fulfil her dream…. will form the rest of the story.

“We understand the wants of the Kannadiga viewers’ heart and mind… From getting Ganesh to host the much loved Super Minute to building an ensemble cast and weaving an intriguing plot for our fiction dailies,” said Colors Kannada Business Head Parameshwara Gundkal. “Colours Kannada strives to push the envelope by offering its viewers compelling content that keeps them glued to their TV screens daily.”

Popular entertainment programmes of Colors Kannada include Puttagowri Maduve, Agni Sakshi, Laxmi Baramma, Akka, Kulavadhu, Yashode, Kinnari, Majaa Talkies, Dancing Star, Bigg Boss and the Super Minute show.

Colors Kannada to launch Super Minute Season 2 on 13th Feb - tvnews4u.com
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