Good News Colors Tamil achieves 79% growth beating market leader SUN TV!

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8 Sep 2020
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It’s been a great week for Colors Tamil - we have recorded our highest in over a year and delivered 100+ in TN 2+ urban during the Week 17 of 2023

"Assumes significance in the light of fact that there is no original Tamil programming or movie premiere in the channel!😍 "says channel source!

Hope the channel will not shutdown and they will give their comeback soon....
Yes,it seems they will comeback powerful after IPL season ends! Lot of restructuring happened in the position of employees.If sources are to be believed, Mumbai team taken over the channel at top level.

So they will keep every feet very careful as a responsible GEC, also new Viacom 18 CEO's prime responsblity is to improve the weak regional channels. Let us see. I am very excited to see their second innings.😍
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Seriously 😂😂😂 i thought they'll shutdown in few weeks.
Actually they are not in the plan for shut down..Who told you that channel is getting shutdown? 😂 Profit and loss are simple thing for a TV channel. WPL, SA 20 league kaga they offaired all serials.Soon they will comeback
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