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Seeking Help D2h HD6666-RF update


27 Mar 2020
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Any here please help me. Lockdown happened and same time my d2h not working. Very difficult time.

D2h was working fine and suddenly on next switch on after 2 hours, it showed "no signal" and also no channels, no account information all erased. Default date is 1 Jan.

Tried scanning the satellites, but it scans signal to minus 18 and then comes back to same setup menu.

No one from d2h is coming at this time.
So I thought of upgrading software using USB.

Got one hd2222 software from forum, but stb is not going beyond 0%.

Anyone has software for HD6666-RF or can help me find a solution?

Looking for great help in this time. Pls


9 Jul 2016
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To update manually,.
1.Switch off settop box power supply
2. Press and hold small black button at the back side of Settop box.
3. Power on the stb.
4. Release the button when the stb light starts blinking ( grean pink red).

Now software update will be initiated....
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