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DD FREE DISH Set Top Box Details.


4 Mar 2013
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DD FREE DISH planning to launch its STB's upto July-16
The Some important points are discussed here.
Govt. gives the instruction to ByDesign to developed a cheap categories DVB-S stbs for its DTH.
STB Provider:- ByDesign India pvt ltd
STB manufactured by : C-DAC
encryption Type: CW.
encryption keys:dubbed Control Words (set by CAS).
Price range:- ₹800-1200.
Availability: Dealers or *Online registration.

This CAS solution will enable broadcasters and network operators to control access to their services by viewers, and thereby enabling them to extend their business models to subscription based schemes.
This enablement is provided by making access possible to the content, depending on subscriber credentials, which are generated by this CAS and sent through the broadcast system to receivers in the field. These credentials will either enable or disable receivers to decrypt one or more content streams, thereby preventing unauthorised access by withholding credential grant if e.g. the monthly bill was not settled.
A Multi Service Operator will integrate the proposed CAS solution by inserting a DVB-CSA Transport Stream scrambler box into the signal path in their Headend(typically between the last stage multiplexer, and the modulator). This scrambler will be controlled by the CAS to apply scrambling to individual streams,
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