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DD Kisan new show named Raunakpur. (1 Viewer)

Ashu Saini

19 Nov 2014
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TV star Suman Gupta (Afsar Bitiya fame) is all set to do a new show with DD Kisan named Raunakpur.

This show is about the poor farmers of villages who are not aware of government policies, loans and subsidies. The approach is to educate the illiterate poor people in urban areas through entertainment. Suman is playing the lead character Sakshi. She says, "I'm a well-educated girl from poor village called Raunakpur but I am working in the US. This story is inspired from the movie Swades . My character is similar to that of Shah Rukh Khan who leaves his job and comfort for the love of the country, comes back for the reformation of his village. In her village, people are harassed and exploited by a rich thakur for small loans to an extent that villagers try to commit suicide. My character is very challenging and different from what I have done so far. I feel very connected to story."
Suman feels proud that she is working for a good cause. The artist is also shooting for a cookery show as a host on Care TV. This capsule series is called Quick Cook and Suman will be seen presenting yummy delicacies. "I love cooking hence I am thoroughly enjoying the shoot," ends the actress with a beaming smile.

Suman Gupta portrays SRK of Swades on the small screen - The Times of India

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