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DDFD Auction Results


1 Jan 2015
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Movie channels Premiere Cinema
and Sony Wah, Hindi music channel 9X Jalwa
and educational channel Vision Shiksha will
soon be available on DD Free Dish, state
broadcaster Doordarshan’s direct-to-home
platform for free-to-air channels.
These channels were the winners in the e-
auction of four vacant slots on 30 May, a
Doordarshan official familiar with the matter
said, requesting not to be identified. DD Free
Dish currently has 80 channels on its
Premiere Cinema is Zee Entertainment
Enterprises Ltd, 9X Jalwa by 9X Media, Sony
Wah by Sony Pictures Networks and Vision
Shiksha by Vision Corporation Ltd.
According to the official cited above,
Premiere Cinema put in the highest bid at
Rs.4.9 crore, followed by 9X Jalwa (Rs.4.6
crore), Sony Wah (Rs.4.5 crore and Vision
Shiksha (Rs.4.4 crore). This was the 27th
such auction, and the DTH operator had
added nine channels in the previous auction.
The reserve price was set at Rs.4.3 crore,
same as in the last auction in February.
DD free Dish also offered a vacant slot to the
Hindi movies channel RT Movies at the last
auctioned price of Rs.4.40 crore. RT Movies,
which is owned by Royal Television Ltd
participated in the auction but was
Currently, out of 80 slots, Free Dish has three
vacant slots. DD Free Dish plans to fill these
three slots on pro-rata basis, which means
these slots will be available to different
private channels on a monthly basis and can
be removed by the operator any time it
There were no slots reserved for regional
language channels in this auction. Under
Doordarshan policy, slots for regional
channels can only be reserved once a year
and DD Free Dish had already reserved such
slots in the previous auction.
DD Free Dish plans to add 24 new channels,
increasing the number from 80 to 104 in the
next three months. Channels currently on
Free Dish include news channels like Aaj Tak,
ABP news, News 24 and entertainment
channels like Star Utsav, Sony Pal,
Viacom18’s Rishtey and Rishtey Cineplex,
among others. Free Dish has 25 Doordarshan
channels, including the official channels of
Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
In May, public broadcaster Prasar Bharati
which runs Doordarshan and All India Radio
had announced its plans to revamp DD
National channel by the end of September, by
auctioning its evening 7-11pm prime time
slots. This means Doordarshan will now
outsource some general entertainment
programmes to external production houses
through an auction.
DD Free Dish adds 4 channels in 27th e-auction - Livemint


4 Feb 2012
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Vision Shiksha is a movie channel not educational,
I think houseful movies using Vision Shiksha license as I seen on Insat 4 A


1 Jan 2015
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They are planning to add 24 channels more in next 3 month. So may be mpeg4 stb will launch in july.


16 Jul 2013
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So Zee Premiere Launching back by Zee As FTA on DDFD ;) Very Good Move By Zee :tup
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