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Delay in licence forces Enter 10 TV torethink strategy on new channel launches (1 Viewer)

Dinesh jain

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3 Feb 2014
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After a three-year wait for two channel licences,
the Singhals are forced to re-evaluate their plan
for the channel launches. This is because the
market conditions have changed dramatically
since they submitted their application.

Last week, the ministry doled out nine licences,
two of which were given to Indore-based Enter
10 Television Pvt Ltd, the company owned by the
Singhals, for the launch of a Bhojpuri movie
channel, Bhojpuri Cinema, and Luck TV.

“The problem is that we got the licence after
three years. At that time the plan was different.
Now there is a lot of competition and it is tough
to survive, so we have to change our plan of
action,” a source in the company said.

As the name suggests, Bhojpuri Cinema was
designed to be a pure Bhojpuri movie channel
catering to the Bihar, Jharkhand and UP
markets. Luck TV was stated to be either a Hindi
general entertainment channel or a Hindi movie
and music channel.

As the movie acquisition deals have already been
done, the plans for Bhojpuri Cinema are being
firmed up. As for Luck TV, there needs to be a
refresh in strategy and the nature of the channel
is yet to be decided.

“We are still doing research on what the channel
strategy should be and will soon firm up the
plan,” the source said.

Even for the Bhojpuri movie channel, the
strategy is being reworked. Though Enter 10
Television already has a vast Bhojpuri movie
library in place for its new movie channel, the
market has seen a lot of changes since the time
it was being originally planned for launch.
“The idea of launching a Bhojpuri movie channel
came from the success of the Bhojpuri
entertainment network Mahuaa. But the
marketplace has changed since then,” the source

Channels presently catering to the Bhojpuri-
speaking demographics are led by Big Magic
Ganga, Mahuaa Plus, Anjan, Mahuaa TV and
Dabanng UP Uttarakhand Bihar.

“The plan for Luck TV was more tilted towards a
Hindi movie channel as there were only two to
three free-to-air (FTA) Hindi movie channels
earlier so the demand was more. But now, there
are almost 10 different types of them and so the
budgets are getting fragmented,” the source

Enter 10 Television has ambitions of launching
both the channels within the next three to four
months. They will both be FTA at the time of

The company is already running Enterr10
Television, a 24-hour FTA Hindi movie channel. It
is available on cable TV networks and DD+, Dish
TV, Airtel TV, Videocon d2h and Reliance DTH.
Delay in licence forces Enter 10 TV to rethink strategy on new channel launches | TelevisionPost.com


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16 Jul 2013
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RE: Delay in licence forces Enter 10 TV torethink strategy on new channellaunches

Good Share dinesh Bhai.

Sgokul Gp

1 Jul 2013
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RE: Delay in licence forces Enter 10 TV torethink strategy on new channellaunches

Gud share.


Dream Expert
30 Sep 2012
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RE: Delay in licence forces Enter 10 TV torethink strategy on new channellaunches

Thanks for share bro. So they will take 3 to 4 months time to launch both the FTA Channels. hope they launch Luck TV as A Hindi GEC or Music chnl


28 Sep 2013
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Thanks For The Share bro :tup

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